Sunday, December 21, 2014

Polar Bear Express Train

Ashton had been begging everyday if today was the day to ride the train.  And today finally came!

As much as this girl loves trains and Santa this year, it seemed the perfect choice to try the Polar Bear Express.  She gets to ride a train that Santa comes on to visit all the children.

So we dressed her up in her Santa dress.  Ashton was excited and ready to go!

We drove to the station and there was a nice heated tent outside.  We went inside and there was Snowflake the polar bear waving to everyone.  However, Ashton was afraid to go to him.  She clung to me and waved to him timidly.

In the tent we got our tickets and then went outside to get photo ops of Ashton with the train.

We got on the train and Ashton kept asking when we'd start moving.  Not patient my little one.  She brought Clair, a reindeer to built at Build-A-Bear last year.  Just in case she needed someone to hug if she was scared.  Claire was a great companion.

She quickly squirmed out of her coat and just couldn't sit still.  She would be in her daddy's lap then mine, then her own seat, then looking out the window.  She was all over the place.

Finally, the train started and the first thing out of her mouth was where's Santa!  That girl!

First they passed out cookies.  

Ashton took a few bites, but forgot it promptly when she saw the next thing being passed out minutes later. She wanted the hot cocoa!  She was so excited when she got her own cup!  And it wasn't too hot either!  It was perfect!

Finally Santa came!  He had a large bag and started passing out mini polar bears to all the children.  They all wore scarfs of different colors, and their noses matched their scarf.  There was neon yellow, purple, and pink.  Ashton received a pink polar bear, promptly names Snowflake.  She didn't let him out of her grasp!

Then Santa made his way back asking each child what they wanted for Christmas.  He noted her great choice of outfit.  Ashton was just in awe and smiled at him.

Then Mrs. Claus came to visit.  Ashton was very excited to see her too, but wouldn't smile for the camera.  Mrs. Claus was very personable and super sweet.

Then the hot chocolate cups were collected and someone came by to sing.  He was at the other end of the train car singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".  He then came to our side and asked the girl sitting across from us her favorite Christmas song.  She said, "Jingle Bell Rock".  So he gave her bells to shake while he sang.  Ashton clapped along!  It was very awesome!

Then we got back to the station.  There Snowflake was waiting to say good-bye to everyone.  This time Ashton wasn't afraid.  She went right up to him and showed him her polar bear, Snowflake, named after him.

She was so proud of herself saying she wasn't afraid of the polar bear this time!

We then drove up to the Christmas City Walkway of Lights!  It was neat.  It's a couple miles of Christmas lights in a park.  We moved Ashton to my lap so she could see the lights better, as we moved about 2 miles an hour.

There was so much to see, they did the '12 Days of Christmas', all the major state colleges, dinosaurs, towns, the nativity, elves, Santas, bears, it was fun!  We then stopped in a little shop near the end and had cookies and hot chocolate, again!!

Then we drove home and you'd think Ashton would be tired.  Nope, she ran Snowflake and Claire upstairs to her bedroom tree and sat them beside it.  Then she came down and Ashton began dancing with her musical fox!  If I had a tenth of her energy!!!

I think today was a great success.  She kept saying over and over how much she loved the train ride and had fun!  It was so great to hear that!

And to think there's still so much more Christmas to come!
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