Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Post Adoption Requirements

Now, I know there is personal or spiritual, if you will, preference on destiny with adoption.  Adoption starts with loss.  Loss of parents, through no fault of their own.  But because of this loss, can one say I'm destined to be one's parent at the cost of such a loss.  What does that mean of the birth parents... were they destined to loose their child...

Lots of what ifs.  And I'm not wholly sure of the answers.  I just know that whatever her circumstances, I was led to China and led to her.  God had something to do with me being her mother.  Maybe that came after the time she was given up and God tried all the signs to have his birth mother keep her, but she didn't hear Him... but who knows.  I just know at some certain point, at least by the time she was found by authorities, we were linked.

Regardless of when, how, and the loss, which I know is there, I still believe somehow, some way, one day I was meant to be her mother.  We were destined to meet and made for each other.

We are family and she is the best of me there ever will be.  And I love my daughter fiercely.

So when we have our post adoption reports, it sometimes seems weird.  It's all finalized, it's all official, yet the reports seem like,why are we still be graded, or checked up on.  I know China just wants to see how they are doing, thriving, and see patterns, so know what to look out for as requirements for future adoptions, but getting evaluated every few months/years, still isn't easy.  There's still anxiety.  We've had three post adoption reports to do so far.  The first month being home together, six months, and one year.

Now we love our social worker, Mr. T.  Mr. T's been great.  His company has been fantastic during our whole adoption process.  However, as Ashton ages, and learns more, I worry how she would interpret these meetings.  I've heard how some kids get scared and others afraid they'll go back to China.  And some don't notice a thing.  Ours have been the latter.  But you always wonder how such a session effects your child, what they pick up, and is it being handled the best way possible.

Well, it looks like I won't have to worry about that anymore.  On Friday I got an email from our adoption agency.  Post adoption requirements are changing, effective January 1st.

The reports schedule remains the same: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years.

We have 3 more to go.  However, instead of hiring and paying a social worker to come out and evaluate our family and write up the report, our future reports are to be written by us.  Yay, no stress of getting off work early, making payments, or how Ashton is interpreting the whole thing.  That's all gone.  Yes, now we get the headache or writing a report, but I can so do that!

Each report is to be accompanied by 8 pictures, with an individual shot of her and with use and family.  The special needs feedback form, medical check up certificate and school report forms are no longer required!  Yay, more money and time saved!!

What's also great is our adoption agency has a template for us to fill out for the report.  Makes things easy!

So, next April, things will be less stressful, much cheaper, and just a bit more more on my part... but I'm looking forward to it... because what parent doesn't want to brag about their children?

Glad to see the change for the better!
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