Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's A Girl Announcement

Two years ago today we got our Pre-Approval and was allowed to announce "It's a GIRL!!"  We were so excited to share that we were matched with our daughter!

She was the most beautiful baby!  I'd stare at the handful of photos I had of her and try to memorize her features and what she must look like in person.

These milestone anniversaries are so amazing and nostalgic.  I mean, it's really incredible to see how far we've come since then.  She's grown up so fast and is the loveliest little lady!

Today is also special because my BFF's son turned 1 today!  Happy 1st birthday Mr. S!  We love you!

Now 2014 is coming to a close.  2014 was a fabulous year!  Hard to top 2013, as that's when we became a forever family and had so many firsts!  However, 2014 rocked anyhow!  We got many more firsts and Ashton turned from a baby to a toddler!  And to see her blossom is the best gift ever, and I have the best seat in the house!  I love being her mother so much!

Here are the highlights of 2014...

February - Chinese New Year!
                                    Chinese New Year Celebration
                    First Valentine's Day

                    Daycare on fire, AGAIN!
        First violin lesson

April - Meeting a Fox
                                  1st Gotcha Day Anniversary
                New Daycare #2
        First Easter

          Dragon Boat Festival

July - 4th of July
               A new puppy!

August - Arrival of puppy
                           Last day at 2nd daycare

September - New daycare #3
                   17 month mark
                  Walk the Wall
                          Mooncake Festival
                      Chinese Festival

October - Pumpkin Patch
               First Wedding
             3rd Birthday
                        Fox Birthday Party
                       Snowy Halloween

November - Reindeer

    December - First Chinese dance class
      Violin Recital
                      Christmas at Grandma's
               Polar Bear Express

2014 was amazing!  Ashton started off wort of talking words here or there, and now will talk and sing your head off.  She loves to make you laugh and make silly faces.  She is always on the go.  She is now as in the last month potty trained pretty well.  Just an accident now and then (and not during sleep/naps yet).  She is strong willed and determined, but hates to hurt anyone's feelings.  She is knowing her own mind and still loves "Jingle Bells" sung to her almost every night, but now can sing along and now and then loudly... which is wonderful.  She's such a quiet child.  She is so impressive.  I love my green loving, animal adoring, shoe obsessive, on-the-go girl!  She learned the violin, tumbling, and Chinese dance this year.  She loves the Children's Museum and candy!  She rarely gets it, but has been spoiled since her birthday with sweets.  She begs for it now everyday... we're working on that ;)  She loves saying " I love you to the moon and back", "No, I love you more!" "In a while, Crocodile.", "No!" to the dogs, "Wo ai ni!" and giving Eskimo kisses.  She still doesn't care for TV, loves to listen to music, loves baths, being outside (which is hard in this weather), and not going to bed.  She can't sit still and will try anything you put in front of her, she'll politely say, "I don't like it." but won't spit it out... will finish that bite!  She's amazing!  She can get tiresome, bratty, test you, and keep us up almost every night... but don't all toddlers have that in them?  I can't wait to see her grow and mature in 2015!
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