Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Recital Concert

Ashton had her first recital, concert, public violin appearance.  She was so stoked about it too!!

During rehearsal yesterday, there were three rows of violinists.  Ashton was the first row last one on the right.  So when we arrived early to get our violins tuned and prepped, I made sure to save the first four chairs on the right side.  Seats filled up fast.

During the wait, there was a Visit Santa set up right next to where the violinists would play.  Ashton wanted to see Santa really badly.  But he ended up leaving, with Mrs. Claus and a polar bear for a coffee break.  Ashton didn't understand why he left but waved goodbye to them and they waived goodbye to her, which just lit her up.  So I explained they all had to take a nap.  So Ashton loved telling everyone Santa was gone to take a nap.

Then someone moved the piano out and right in front of our seats.  I was curious if they would move the piano or have the kids line up in front of the piano.  During rehearsal it was in the back, not up front.

Well,  when they lined up all the kids, Ashton was left of the piano, and we couldn't see her.  So I moved over to the last of the four chairs and sat on the floor to see her.  My Mom moved to the chair behind me.  Ashton's Godmother and Godsister angled themselves to watch.

Then there were about 10 songs going on for about 45 minutes until Ashton got to play.  And boy, was she bored.  She couldn't sit still.  There was a four year old beside her that sat the whole time.  But Ashton, she'd run in my lap, Lau Lau's lap... her Godfamilies' laps... she'd sit with Daddy, slouch, and was memorized by Santa taking visits on the other side of the piano.  A lot of distractions.  Only once did she exclaim loudly, "I'm hungry!" and then she noticed Santa was back and said loudly, "Santa's not taking a nap!"  But other than those two sentences she was pretty quiet.

Finally her part came up, and she was rearing to go.

After her violin part she got to jingle bells to 'Jingle Bells'.  Then she and the little four year old delivered flowers to their violin teacher.  It's was so cute!

Was able to get a cute photo of Ashton with her Godfamily!

Of course Ashton had to pay a visit to the polar bear that was greeting Santa visitors.

She wanted to see Santa of course, but we told her he was going to the Children's Museum and would see her there... as she begged if she was good during her recital that she could go to the Children's Museum.  So we went.

Ashton was ready to see Santa!  She waited for her turn patiently, but once she was allowed to visit, she ran into his arms!  Santa's look as she ran was priceless!!

They actually talked together this time.  I couldn't hear what Ashton had to say, but she didn't just sit and smile at him.  It was great!  Ashton was so happy.

We then went to ride the carousel and visit the dinosaurs.

Then it was time to go home for dinner.  Ashton passed out within a minute in the car.

She woke up once we got home and I changed her for dinner.  We wolfed down our chicken and salads.  Then did 'Truth in the Tinsel'.  Then it was her bedtime and I got her to bed.  But in typical Ashton fashion, she didn't want to go to bed.  So Daddy brought her down to eat a few apple chips to settle her hungry stomach before heading up to bed.

Ashton coughed while chewing and got her food lodged in her throat.  She started heaving then throwing up.  I rushed to get paper towels while her Daddy was catching what he could in his hands.  But Ashton she wasn't stopping and stopped getting air.  She was choking.  It all happened so fast.  Instead of worrying about the mess, we rushed her off the couch and to the breakfast table.  Mark started giving her the Heimlich. It only took him doing it once, and she threw up one more big time and breathed!  It was insane!  I was just trailing behind them, holding paper towels, trying to know what to do to help.  I know we were shouting stuff to each other during it, but it was all a blur.  It was crazy.

Shen Ashton started to breathe, her cheeks were the rosiest red I ever saw.  She was shaking.  We got her water and applesauce to appease her retching stomach.  I then gave her a bath.  Once she had her bath, she was back to her old self having fun.  I got her to bed and asleep after a quick playtime with her nesting doll.

Crazy, busy day!  I'm just thankful that nothing serious happened to our little girl.  Now that she's so embedded in our lives, I can't imagine life without her.  Those were a scary few seconds to say the least.

I'm thankful Ashton had a great day, and that Mark was able to act quickly and instinctively with her!  I'm ready to pass out now.

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