Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 5 - Mary

Here Ashton is coloring Mary.  She was eager to color... she kept bugging me to get it done as soon as she came home!

But she was more interested in wearing her Daddy's reading glasses than posing with her newest ornament.

I know they aren't the round Harry Potter type, but I sure do think Harry Potter when I see her in the glasses.

Anxious about tomorrow.  It'll be a big day.  Tomorrow morning is violin rehearsal with all the violinists.  It'll be very interesting to see how she does.  (Oh, and her violin, THANKFULLY, got fixed!!  Whew!!)  She did very well during her practice today with her instructor.  We are so excited for the real recital on Sunday!  It'll be here before you know it.

Also, tomorrow will be Ashton's first day of Chinese Dance Class.  I bet she'll be the youngest one there, but I thought it was worth a look!  I am excited about this exposure for her!!

Then right after class is our first Christmas party of the year.  No kids will be there, but as it starts right after her dance class is finished, and we have to drive about... they said Ashton was welcome.  So we'll be there a short time, depending on Ashton's mood.  Let's hope she's worn out from class and is happy and subdued.

A lot to look forward to!
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