Saturday, December 20, 2014

Anniversary & Christmas at Grandma's House

Ashton was so excited!  Today was Christmas at Grandma's house!  Yay!!

And what was funny was, she wasn't excited about the presents... no, she was excited about the food.  She asked if I'd eat and Daddy eat and Lau Lau... she was just thrilled.  She wanted cake there too, but fudge would have to do instead.

We got there and she had tons of turkey and green beans, some mashed potatoes and corn.  She even ate turkey off her daddy's plate when she polished hers off.

She had fun coloring with her cousins and running around.

We all played white elephant and had a good time!  Ashton adores her great-grandmother and I love seeing them together!

It was a busy, wonderful day!

On the way home she was in such a good mood, she was babbling in the car.  She usually sings Christmas carols, but this time she was just being silly!  We loved it!

Also, today was a VERY special day for TWO other reasons!!

Exactly 1 year ago, we re-adopted Ashton.

It wasn't necessary or a must, but it'll make certain things in life easier for her and also, compared to the adoption process, readopting was a breeze and no sweat.

Then, exactly 2 years ago, we saw Ashton's face for the very first time.  It was a very surreal day!  A magical day.  A miracle!

I can't imagine how different life would be if I hadn't found her file that day.  She is the most wonderful blessing anyone could ever hope for and she became our blessing, our daughter!

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