Thursday, December 25, 2014

An Exciting Christmas

This year's Christmas was amazing.  Now nothing can top your first Christmas with your child.  I mean, it's a first for a reason!  Firsts are amazing and nothing can take those away.  Last year was great, a dream.

However, this one was more fun!  Sorry, but it's true.  This was an exciting Christmas.  Ashton understood the day better and everything just clicked!  Not to say it was perfect, nothing is - but it was pretty close!

To start off the day, I had my husband wake up early to check on the crockpot Christmas breakfast.  He said it all looked good.  I was pleased and we went back to sleep.  Then we finally woke and got Ashton up.

She looked at me all innocently and happy asking if Santa was here.  I told her Santa came.  She looked confused and said, "He's gone".  I said yes, that Santa came, dropped of presents and left.  She looked sad and said, "Santa's not here?"  I told her he didn't come to visit, but to drop off gifts.  He did for all the children all over the world and is now home with his family resting up.  She seemed depressed.

I got her dressed and when she went to the hallway and saw all the gifts under the tree, her disappointment was quickly forgotten.

We then went to the kitchen to eat the crockpot breakfast I made.  Around midnight I put in hash browns, eggs, milk, cheese, sausage and cooked it on low for 8 hours.  I opened the lid.  The cheese was gooey and it all looked picture perfect.  I took the spoon to stir and the beautiful picture of breakfast flew out the window.  The eggs were raw and soupy.  They didn't cook.  I was crushed.  I quickly set the crockpot on high and told my family we'd hold off on breakfast until after we opened gifts instead of before.

Ashton was perfectly okay putting off breakfast.

She made sure all the animals got Christmas love! She loved Arwen dressed up as Santa Paws.

We moved to the tree and Ashton was excited.  She pulled out 1 gift asked if it was hers and torn into it.  She would tear the wrapping paper off in little shreds.  It was funny and messy.  When she would pick up a gift for us she'd help us open it and be excited for us with what we got.  She always waited her turn.  She was awesome!

Last year we had to bed for Ashton to open presents, and she was content with the present she had and got upset "losing" the present to open another gift.  It was painstaking.  Not this year!  This year, she would love her gift, give a smile of delight, now and then ask if she could open it, and we'd tell her after everything was opened, and she'd move on.  She was a pro!

After the presents were opened we moved to to the stockings.

There Ashton got a rare treat - candy!  She was ecstatic and started dancing all over the place.  I was able to get the tail end of her dancing!

We then Skyped with Grammy and Grampy.  She opened their gifts in front of them and had fun showing off their gifts and 'sharing' her candy with them.

Then Lau Lau came in.  We then went back to the tree to open her gifts.

Lau Lau surprised me and got me a blow up remote control R2D2.  Totally frivolous, totally fun!  Ashton was scared of him moving.  If he was still, she'd run to him and ask her photo to be taken, but when he moved she'd grab onto me and hide behind my back.

Ashton loved her Elsa shoes she got from Lau Lau and put them on immediately.  I finally talked her into her boots again.

We then ate breakfast.  The eggs were finally cooked and the meal was saved!  It didn't turn out too bad.  It was a little bland... next time spicier sausage and more cheese... but overall good!

We then visited my husband's side of the family and had Christmas dinner with them.  Ashton had fun playing with her cousin Mr. K.

Coming home Ashton wanted to wear her singing/light up dress and shoes Lau Lau got her. I'm sure this was a popular present for girls this year.

She looked great.  Unfortunately, it's one size fits most... and it's more of a 3T not 18 months that Ashton wears.  So I took barrettes to pin it up as the neckline plunged down and the shoulders fell off her small frame.  But she got to wear it for a while.  We'll stitch it up for "regular" wear soon as the barrettes couldn't hold it up with a moving toddler.  Once it's fixed I'll get video of her playing and singing in it!

It was a fun and blessed Christmas for us all, as well as a very memorable one.  Merry Christmas everyone!!
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