Friday, November 14, 2014

Settling into a New Normal

Okay, Miss Ashton... when people describe her it's happy-go lucky, active, smiles, spunky, follows rules, helper, sweet, loving... a typical toddler.  Now of course she can be whiny, difficult, disagreeable... but these are rare and usually when hungry or tired or just one of those moments.

All last week from Halloween, Friday October 31st to Friday, November 7th... our girl was gone.  Just gone.  All we had was a cranky girl.  In fact, on the 7th her daycare teacher was concerned saying all she did was sleep and sit in a corner not talking.  We would have loved not talking as we got the crying and whining side of it all.  However, that night she came home and conked out.

So not our girl.  She NEVER goes to bed early.  And she slept like the dead that night.

That weekend we had our girl back. :)  She was her usual chipper self.

However, since the week of terror she's never fully gone back to the same old self.  Little bits of things are now an everyday thing.

Her sleeping is back off... she is again waking up multiple times a night, complaining her stomach hurts... she has gas every night for some reason.  We now regularly give her gas drops before bed.  Also, she now has Pedialyte in her bed along with goldfish in case she didn't eat well.

Our girl who eats like a horse and eats everything, tries everything has become picky.  She usually doesn't want anything but candy.  It's hard to get her to eat anything, and she's fine not to, until bedtime when her stomach hurts.

So we and her daycare have been trying a combination of a lot of things.  No milk, no cheese, more water, more toast, shorter naps, longer naps, bed early, bed late, more snacking, less snacking... we're trying lots of combos to see what lets our girl not wake with gas pains.

It's been very exhausting.  On top of which both my husband and my jobs have been more demanding and we've been going in early or working late... which of course has been hard on the dogs, especially Khaleesi who still isn't crate trained yet and if we don't come home by noon for a break, she pees in her crate... and trust me it's the right sized crate.  She just can't hold it more than 5 hours.  So there's been lots of baths when we come home.

So hubby and I have basically passed out the moment Ashton does too.  We've accomplished nothing in the home or had fun time as we're battling trying to get Ashton to eat, practice her violin, give her a bath, and not harass the animals... then it's the battle for bed.  Usually she eats fine, slowly but fine and we can have a few more hours of play and fit in practice... now everything is more a battle she wants to eat nothing, so we are battling that for so long we can't wait until bedtime, even though that's a new battle.

Also, I think now that it's 20s-30s degrees outside, and too cold for Ashton to just play and ride her bike outside, she has all this pent up energy stored for these battle of wills.  It's hard for her not to play outside.  And not that we can't bundle her up... but after washing a dog and trying to feed her... it's so dark outside so early... it's just not feasible except on weekends.

So things are better, but still off.  Hopefully, this isn't the new normal.  We would love our care-free daughter back.  But she's still herself, just more difficult in the sleeping and eating departments.

But at least we solved the green plate mystery.  Last Friday, our daughter brought home her art projects from the week prior.

Other than the fish bowl not fitting in the Halloween theme crafts... Ashton did a great job!She is still mastering the coloring... it's all still scribbles for now, but her projects are still impressive!

She even has scarecrows up in her class.  Her's is the second from the top, under the number 9.  I think hers has the funniest mouth out of all of them.  It's like he has fangs!

Anyhow, Ashton is doing plenty of activities in class which is great.  I love seeing all the artwork.  I just hope she mellows out when coming home.  This Mama is sure tired!

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