Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Revenge of the Molars

I love this diagram.  It's hilarious.  Found it on a great website, How to be a Dad.

Ashton never went through teething.  I mean, she did, but we got her at 17 months, and I swear, she already got all her teeth in, no problem.  Now and then she said her teeth ached, and we put some Oralgel on it, no problem.  Ashton was happy.

But Halloween night - we had no idea that we'd turn into zombies and our daughter a life sucking, vampire banshee!

She became inconsolable.  Every hour she'd wake up and cry and cry, whale in fact.  I mean, she doesn't sleep through the night already, and gets up scared and light cry but I can get her back to sleep no about 90% of the time and get back to bed.  Only a few instances where she doesn't sleep at all and I have to sit up with her or get her to sleep in our room in a playpen.  (As she and I are both thrashers and co-sleeping in the same bed is just not an option).

But this night was awful.  She screamed and cried, we thought she ate too much Halloween candy or cut her tongue on a sucker.  We weren't sure what and Ashton was too upset to articulate anything!  We got no sleep and in fact our puppy, Khaleesi, started whimpering feeling for our little girl.  It was as if all were in on Ashton's misery.  We were dead Saturday morning.

I was very upset about being so tired, as this was the first weekend with no plans and I was excited about getting the house back together and spending a lazy weekend in with my family.  I was planning on taking photos of Ashton in her Halloween costume, a better photo shoot as Halloween it was too rushed, too bad of weather, just didn't happen.  NOPE!  Not even close.

But the worst part was, when day did arrive, Ashton was no better.  She was still not her carefree, happy self.  She was MISERABLE!  And we learned quickly she couldn't eat.  Everything hurt!

That's when we deduced that her molars were coming in.  She would put her fingers in to the back of her gums.  We got her more Oralgel.  It did little to console her.

She just wan't our girl, wouldn't sleep, would talk, just cry, whine, and scream.  There were moments of calm, maybe a smile for a second or two, but most of the time it was the stare of death.  She gave a good don't mess with me face.

It was terrible.  So our Saturday was spent taking turns with her while we power napped.  It sucked, but it was the only way to cope.  We just did it.

Saturday night, same problem.  Non-stop crying and whaling, no comfort, no solace.  It was a long night.  I called my mom asking what to do, she never had molar problems with us kids, try a heated cloth on her face.

There went our Sunday too.  We made it to grocery shopping as a family, but man, it was painful.  Ashton was so on edge and highly emotional and whiny.  She would whimper and found no fun in going out.  She usually loves going shopping with us.

We were spent.

Sunday night, same problem.  I was tired for work and getting Ashton ready for daycare.  She still wouldn't eat.  She was fussy.

Monday at daycare, I heard when she was there, she ate a bowl of cereal.  Then proceeded to throw it all up.  I'm assuming eating quickly on an empty stomach... her body couldn't take it.

But after that daycare said she did great.  She ate lunch, no problem.  She had a great nap.  She was happy and cheerful when I picked her up.

Who was this child before me?  I vaguely remember.  However, my husband and I had a meeting to get to after work so we had Lau Lau come over to babysit while we left.  Upon returning, we heard she ate half of Lau Lau's dinner and was a sweet as could be.  Was it really over?  Did our sweet daughter return to us?

We went to bed and slept until 4am.  She had a small relapse of pain.  I took a turn, then her Daddy, then me again, and she settled down about an hour and a half later.  But she got settled.  Yes, we are still tired and catching up on sleep, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Our vampire banshee is gone and our daughter reemerging.  We're very excited, and also not excited as we're too tired and longing for sleep!!

Not everything is roses, but even though the terrible nights this will be worth it!  I hope these molars are necessary!

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