Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prepping for Christmas

Now with Thanksgiving over, we're so ready to put up Christmas decorations.  Ashton screams with delight anytime I mention putting up Christmas decorations.  She's so excited to help.

This weekend's weather was perfect for hanging the lights outside.  Ashton loved it too!

But she was more excited about helping.  So, first we put on the lights on our glass Christmas trees.  I, on our, bigger green one that goes downstairs, and Ashton, on her little white one we got last year for her bedroom.  She was very careful and did her best not to have the same colored lights next to each other.  She did a great job!!  She was so proud of herself!!

As to what she's doing in this top photo, she loves to dance, hop, and spin about... this was a non-blurry moment of that, where she just looks funny and goofy and encompassing the silliness that is my daughter!!

She really wanted to get on the ladder to help put the branches up on the tree, but had to settle for handing them to her daddy.

We love our little helper and her enthusiasm about all the Christmas decorations.  It's going to be a wonderful Christmas this year.

Since we had a four-day weekend Ashton had begged to go to the Children's Museum... so on Sunday we obliged.  We went toy ice fishing, ice/sock skating, toy baking, rode the carousel, fed toy reindeer, went to "China" again, and went down the Yule slide!  Ashton loved it!  And this time with her signature photo in China, she wrapped her leg around the "dogs" as if to say "Mine!".

It's always fun to go to the Children's Museum.  We'll have to go again sometime soon as she spotted Santa there, and though we've met Santa already, she wants to do it again... and I see it as a strong possibility!
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