Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meeting Santa's Reindeer

Ashton loves animals.  Today was the lighting of the Christmas tree over in Carmel... so there was a big festivity going on.

Now I typically like to start Christmas celebrating right after Thanksgiving, but you go with the flow.

There were vendors selling foods and drinks, people selling soaps, bows, all sorts of things.  There were jugglers and a fire truck with a huge dog/dalmatian costume saying hello to all the kids.  And there was a long, long line for Santa!  Well, while in line we noticed that Silly Safaris brought 2 reindeer and some fun friends.

Ashton had been begging to meet real reindeer for awhile.  So we had to meet Noel and Clairese. We got out of the long line waiting for Santa and made our way over to the two reindeer! Ashton was thrilled.  Here she is petting Clairese!

She asked if she could ride them!  Silly girl!  Luckily we distracted her from our disappointing answer by having her meet more animals.

We first got to meet a ferret and a rabbit.  Ashton was startled by the rabbit, because when she went to pet him, he stood up.  But he was ever so soft!  Then she got to meet a baby owl and a skunk!  She loved it!!

Then she wanted to see Santa... but the line tripled since we got out.  It'd be a long wait and outside in the chill as well.  Yes, it warmed up to the 40s, and wasn't arctic 1 digit temps like it was the last couple weeks... however...

So we decided to ditch the lightening of the tree early... we saw the best part we thought already.  However, Ashton didn't want to miss Santa.  She was insistent!

So we told her to go home get in her Christmas dress and we'd go see Santa.  And we did, but went to another location... no line!!

Once she saw him she ran right to his lap and climb up all enamored.

He asked what she wanted for Christmas and didn't say a word.  So Dad helped out and would say, puzzles and she'd nod yes, then he'd say fox stuff, and she'd nod yes.  It was so cute.

So unlike last year, where it took her multiple visits to gain the courage to sort of sit near him as long as we were with her... she had none of that this year.

And here is the official photo.

So it looks like our holidays are off to a great start.
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