Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just a Normal Sunday

It was a beautiful 50 degrees out so Ashton begged to go outside and play.  So we let her.

She was so happy.  This girl loves the outdoors.

Came back in for lunch and it began to pour buckets outside.  Ashton was not happy.  Somehow, she got mud on her so time for a outfit change.

Luckily, after enough of us telling her it was raining and outside wasn't an option our cranky girl found others ways to amuse herself and us.

First we read one of her books to her and then she promptly wanted to read it to us!  It was great!!  Ashton "read" Dr. Seuss' "Fox in Socks" book.  It was very entertaining.

And then for the first time, without accompaniment, Ashton sang for us.  Yes, she was not as strong with her words as if she were singing with us, but we enjoyed hearing her solo so much more.  She was great!

We tried to introduce Ashton to "Finding Nemo"... but as usual, she wasn't interested in watching TV, and as there was no music... Sigh!!  Eventually, this girl will love watching movies.  One day!

Before bed, my hubby practiced with her for her violin performance for an upcoming Christmas concert in 2 weeks.  Ashton will play Twinkle variations and jingle some bells to "Jingle Bells".  We can't wait.  If she even just sits there and cries, she'll be the cutest thing ever!

Ashton just keeps blossoming before us and she has these amazing moments between the whining and struggling to get her to bed or sleep or other toddler meltdowns.  So worth it!

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