Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Fox Theme Birthday Party

I asked Ashton months ago, what kind of theme she wanted for her birthday.  I gave her lots of choices.  But she always came to the same conclusion.  She wanted a Fox party.  So a fox party it was to be.

Fox party items are hard to come by.   but I love a challenge, love that her party is original, and knew I could do it, especially since I knew she'd love it.

I'd been designing her birthday banner, butting foxes from designs I bought from online to make confetti, hanging foxes, lanterns... it was crazy.

It was so great to see it come together.

I also want to give a shout out to my mother, who helped make cupcakes, shop with me to get cups, streamers, forks, tablecloths, and help cut another fox!  I appreciate all of your help and time.

I didn't take lots of pictures of the decorations form Ashton's 2nd birthday.  And I didn't want to make that mistake again.

I got balloons, but the amazing one was the 1 balloon I ordered online.  I found a fox balloon in the shape of the number 3.  There were numbers 1-9 and they were all of different animals.  Only the 3 was a fox.  Perfect!  I had to get it!!

I then cut 20 foxes and taped them to green and blue m&ms in small bags.  They looked so cute.

I found cookies on Etsy that I could order in foxes!  Score!!

Then I cut out foxes for the paper lanterns I hung around the rooms,  I had 1 fox extra and used him on the front door.

I used the same fox patterns for her birthday banner I designed.

I found this cake on Pintrest.  They took a crown pan and flipped it around and made a fox out of it.  My husband made Ashton's cake last year, and was excited to do it again this year.

I thought for goodies for the kids coming I'd give them the fox M&ms, bubbles, and fox masks that I found online as well.  The fox masks were a pain to cut!  Ashton's makes was found at Party City... but she never wanted to wear it at the party.

I also found some great fox items at Walmart.  A salt and pepper shaker set (seen above the fox masks) and found plates, bowls, cups, and cookie jar.  They were all cheap too!  So i thought they'd be great for the party and for Ashton to use after.

Found this great dress for Ashton to wear.  It was perfect.  What's funny is I scoured high and low for a brown onesie and tight to go with it, and today was the perfect day.  So no long sleeves, and no tights.  It was 73 degrees!!!  Insane!!!

I also used the foxes in the swirly handing decorations.  I had them front and back so that no matter how they spun you'd see the foxes.  So everything was coming together, the fox confetti, cake, walmart dish set, the fox bags, masks, banner... It was awesome.

Then for the pizza and present room, I found great Happy Birthday Fox plates and napkins, which set the color tone of her party.  I also found a great pinata.  An actual fox pinata.  Now all that needs to be added are guests.

But what party isn't great without some dancing?

Everyone had a good time mingling and eating pizza and candy.  Then it was time for cake!  Yay cake!!

The cake was well and good, but the kids were geared up for the pinata.

Everyone had their turn.

Then there were presents, then it was time for many to go home.  Luckily, Miss G. and Mr. D. who live next door stuck around, along with Miss A who lives on the other side of town and we don't get to see much.  They all hung out.  It was so cute to see them together.

Here are the 3 Cul-de-sac kids!  Mr. D born July '11, Ashton October '11, and Miss G September '12.

Super sweet!

Is this the new Rat Pack?

Then Ashton begged to go outside and blow bubbles, the other kids eagerly agreed.  So we did so.

Then of course we did a four-generations photo.

The beginning was a blur, a flurry of activity and checking on different people and getting things done.  But the end with just a handful of kids, we parents kicked back and just enjoyed the God blessed day and soaking in the fun our kids were having.

Ashton had a blast, but man... it was exhausting.  I wanted nothing but to soak in a hot bath afterwards, but no we cleaned up and had to get Ashton to bed and I had to blog about the experience.  I loved today as much as Ashton did.  Just wish I had half her energy to do what needed to be done.
What great memories of family and friends!  These are the moments!
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