Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ren Faire to Meet the Queen

Our family went to the Ren Faire last year at this time.  And it was fun... got rained out at the end, but Ashton loved it.

She went as the cutest pirate, and got a sword on her visit. 

This year, my husband is gone on a business trip; so, it was just her and me.  It was cold this year.  She was a pirate again, but no fun pirate hat.  The one from last year got trashed.  And you couldn't see her pirate garb because of her jacket.  I swear she needed longer leggings.

Our friend Ms. L was a lady last year, and this year got to play Queen Elizabeth!!  So we had to visit the Queen, of course.

There was an announcer and I told him that this was her personal Privateer Ashton.  He said she needed a title.  I said that was her title.  And so he presented her as Lady Ashton.  Isn't a privateer a title?  I could have said Pirate Ashton.  Oh, well.

The Queen was excited to see her and said she was hoping she'd visit.  Ashton stood a little back sizing her up as Ms. L and she knew her was talking in a funny accent and dressed differently.

The Queen was worried that Ashton would be scared of her in her costume and crazy wig.  But Ashton had no problems climbing in her lap but didn't smile for a photo.  She was wary.

At the end of her visit, the Queen gave Ashton a purple crown to wear on her head.  

The costumes were awesome, but couldn't be seen well with all the capes and everyone bundled up.  But I swear, everyone looked great!!

Ashton watched some pirates singing and we passed the psychic tent.  Last year, Ashton had a wonderful reading.  So I decided why not...

The girl that communicated for the psychic I met last year recognized us, she was just the greeter this year.  We met two different women for the reading.  They asked some simple questions about her, her name, if she was adopted, how long, age, etc... they then just told me they saw creativity, dancing, flags of color... that she would be one of many children... I stopped them.  She is our only and we don't plan on having more children, unless you count the fur babies.  They said maybe it's in extended family or friends, but they saw lots of children.  This reading didn't compare to last year's reading.  But they did cover her in prayer for her to sleep better and for her to not be frightened anymore.  

After we got out of the tent, we decided it was time to warm up with hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, the hot chocolate we got was scalding hot, and Ashton spilled it everywhere.  I had to wait an hour to start sipping mine.  I got a scalded tongue.  I know it's called hot chocolate, but it has to be drinkable, and you have to assume many kids want it too. How can they handle that?

The faire wasn't half as fun without my better half.   But I think th weather had a lot to do with it.  It was in the low 50s.  Hopefully, next year it will be more fun and a lot warmer.
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