Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lost Boys

If I remember "Peter Pan" correctly the Lost Boys lived in trees and fought pirates... maybe not with swords, but Ashton today reminded me of a child in Neverland, fighting with a sword and climbing trees.  She's loves the outdoors so much.

First she was running around just enjoying the run.  Then she rode her trike about and pushed her shopping cart around.  She then wished to share an orange with me from her shopping care and cut the orange in half and gave me some.  She didn't share with Khaleesi... thank goodness.  I could see her eating up all her plastic foods.

Then Ashton wanting to play with her pirate sword.  She looked great!  I kept backing up as she "charged" me.

Then she was off playing with her soccer ball... and I heard her call, "Take a picture of me... take a picture!"  I see her climbing our Japanese Maple.  So I snap away, then she's singing all this gibberish and I was able to capture some of it.  

She's hilarious!  Like I said, a child of Neverland!  Keeping me on my toes.
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