Thursday, October 23, 2014

Her Big Day Turning Three

Today was a big day.  Starting off as a three year old is not for the faint of heart.  My husband and I took the day off from work to have a fun filled day together with our birthday girl.

First we did the same as her last birthday, her height and weight.  When she was two this day last year she came in at at almost 30 inches tall and at 20 pounds.

Today, 1 year later at 3 she is just over 34 inches tall and 25.5 pounds.

All week, it's been fox week in honor of her birthday.  Every day she's worn a fox outfit.  She has several fox shirts she's been enjoying wearing every day!!

Today she got to wear a new fox outfit.  A cute sweater dress I couldn't wait to put her in.  She wanted to have her photos taken with her tiger named Bizi (it's Mandarin for nose).  She got him when in China at Safari Park, in remembrance of feeding a baby tiger together.  Then she posed with her giant Panda.  We got him during our long wait to get matched.

We then decided that since last year, we took her for a donut for the first time, maybe it could be a tradition.  So we went again.

She picked out the chocolate donut holes.  She loved them and wasn't interested in our donut flavors at all.

She was very content with her birthday pick.  Then in typical Ashton fashion, she began to dance... while eating.  She loves music.  She began to jam to Mariah Carey.

I'm surprised she didn't choke.  But Ashton wasn't patient.  Then entire morning she kept asking when we were going to the Children's Museum.  She really wanted to go for her birthday.   And we kept telling her after birthday donuts.

When there she got a "It's my birthday" sticker to wear.

After the sticker was on, Ashton raced up to the carousel.  She wanted to ride the tiger, but it was taken, so she rode the giraffe first.

She then rode with her Daddy, and again, the tiger was taken.  So she rode the giraffe again.  But the third time is the charm.  She got her beloved tiger.

This third time, they changed out their carousel attendant.  And this attendant came up to Ashton saying he saw her birthday sticker.  He asked her name and age.  Then he went over the loud speaker and said that he wanted everyone to wish Ashton a happy birthday.  And they all did.  It was cute!  And Ashton heard it while on her tiger.

We then started making our way down to the other fun events.  And Ashton got busy.  She got in the race car.  She played drums.  She climbed the leaves that are way high.  She played in the sand box and water stream.

We of course had to stop by the China exhibit.  And she had to have her picture taken by her favorite statute.

Then we took her to her first haunted house!  The lights on version.  The theme was creepy carnival.  

Ashton did pretty well.  She loved the spinning tunnels and going through the noodles hanging from the ceiling.  She wasn't big on the skeletons, spiders or scary clowns, but she did great.  I had to carry her the whole time, but I didn't mind.  I loved her clinging to me.  She'd bury her face time to time and wouldn't touch much, but she never screamed or cried.  She was oddly fascinated most of the time or focused on the gifts at each station.  She ended up with candy, jewelry, a book, stickers... she loved that part.

Once out of the haunted house, the museum was selling candy, drinks, small gifts, and stuff.  She found a small dalmatian sitting in a jack-o-lantern.  So we bought it for her.  She named him Pumpkin.

We then left off to get her a slice of cake at the Cheesecake Factory.

We then Skyped with my BFF from Finland who wished her a happy birthday.  

When we got home we gave our gift to her.  She was thrilled.  Ashton loves anything with wheels.  And she's always trying to get on any mobile toy she sees in the store.  We thought we scored on her present this year.  Also, it has a bubble maker and she is very into bubbles.

She's still trying to get the hang of pedaling.  But for her first time, I thought she did an excellent job.

Then it was getting dark and time to Skype with Grammy and Grampy.  They got her a scooter in her favorite color, green!

She had a lot of fun with it and I think Grampy and Grammy had a lot of fun watching her on it.

Then it was time to open her gift from Pop.  However, Pop wasn't available to talk to.

Ashton had been eyeing similar toys like this and she finally got one.  She played with it for the rest of the night until going to bed.

I think it was a great birthday!  I can't imagine her party in two days!

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