Monday, October 6, 2014

Cruella DeVil

I think Ashton's best costume last year (she had 4 - I was so excited to celebrate!!) was as Cruella DeVil.

I still had the costume pieces.  She outgrew the shoes... I didn't have the white spray to do half her hair white... her hair is too long now to spray all funky-cute like I did... her dress would now fit as a top...but I thought she could still pull the infamous look off.

So today I decided to dress her up for fun.  I got her dress/top out, put her in the coat, added leggings, got fun boots, and put her hair up and in a different bow.  And whala -  Cruella is back... older, I don't know about wiser.  More playful and mischievous, for sure!

And last year's, comparison photos.

Wait until you see how amazing she'll look for this Halloween!!

But of course for now just enjoying the moment!  Gotta love the fun, after shots.  Life is good!

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