Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back to the Pumpkin Patch

We had such a great time and great memories of the Pumpkin Patch last year, that we couldn't wait to go again.  We wanted to go the last weekend in September so we could have our prized pumpkin out all October; however my husband was gone for two weeks out of state for business... so our first chance was today we he got home.

We missed him dearly, and watching a toddler, a puppy, and having no daycare last week was rough!   But we survived and we celebrated having our family back together today.

I dressed Ashton up in her finest Halloween themed outfit. She was so excited about going to the pumpkin patch.  She talked about going all week!!  I showed her photos from last year.  She couldn't wait to get a pumpkin!

My husband thought this would be a great time, since Khaleesi was all caught up on shots, to take her out and socialize her too.  So we ventured out.

Once we arrived, there were so many activities to do.  

Khaleesi was very popular.  We were stopped many times to have others ask about our dog, or pet her.  It was so good for her and Khaleesi did great.

We decided to ride the pony first.  Ashton was ecstatic.  I asked her if she wanted me to go with her, walk beside her or if she wanted to go on her own.  She asked to go on her own.  My girl is not scared of horses or ponies, that's for sure!

We then rode the "train", a tractor pulling barrels.  It was so cute.  Waiting in line, we got our picture taken.

We then went to the candle making area.  Ashton saw a green triangle piece, her favorite color and went into the candle maker's lap to help roll it.  They heated up the wax to a heater and rolled it around a wick.  Ashton was so proud of herself.

We then took the hayride to the pumpkin patch.  Ashton loved the hayride so much, she didn't want to get off to look for a pumpkin.

But we promised her that we would ride back and talked her into searching for the perfect pumpkin.  Khaleesi wanted to find the perfect smashed pumpkins to eat up.

We looked around and collected the best pumpkins to compare.  Ashton just loved sitting on them, or getting sticks and drumming them.  It was fun to see her run around.

We ended up getting the pumpkin on the right in the photo below.  Ashton picked it from our final four.

We then rode the hayride back, to Ashton's delight.  Thank goodness she didn't want to go again, like the first time.  Twice seemed to have her content.

Then she wanted to go on the bouncy pad... she loved it.  She fell many times, but was relentless to run across the top.  Then she begged to climb the haystacks.  She did last year, and loved it.  It was fun to see her do it again.

This was her last year climbing the haystacks...

And then this year...

She's grown so much since being that babe last year.  I love her vibrant joy of life.  And I enjoyed so much her pure joy of all the delights she had today.  She wasn't being a greedy kid - no tantrums, or begging other than the hayride again... which subsided quickly.  She really seemed to have a good time and appreciated each event.  We asked her what she wanted to do after, and she asked to go home.  She passed out hard n the car ride home.

I already can't wait to go back next year! 
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  1. You all got some really beautiful photos! Ashton reminds me so much of Bri when it comes to her sense of adventure and love of life! :)


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