Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ashton's First Wedding

Ahston has become aware of our wedding.  She's points to our wedding photos hanging around the house and has asked to see our wedding video.  So she was excited to find out she was going to a wedding today.  She got all dressed up and I asked our neighbor to take photos of us before we left.

The wedding was outside along with the reception, so I was sure to wear tights and boots, Ashton too, along with a turtle neck sweater underneath.  It'd only be about 52 degrees today.

The wedding was all on the other side of town, about an hour and a half away.  We were cutting it close.  Then we hit a traffic jam, because of construction.  We were getting worried we'd miss the wedding.  Then it began to rain!  

We got there right at 2:30.  We saw the groom hanging with two of his groomsmen at the lip of the house.  We hadn't missed anything yet!  Yay!  He told us to sneak in through the kitchen to the back.

We did so and got confused.  We walked out into the reception tent and saw the wedding area out in the woods, hundreds of seats empty.  But the house was too small to have a wedding there, where were the guests?  Where was the wedding.  We were so confused.  I only saw staff helping with the wedding.  So I asked one of them where the guests were, and they said they didn't know.  

Then I saw the bride come down the stairs with the photographer and the bridesmaids.  One of the bridesmaids is one of my good friends.  I asked her what was going on.  she told me i had the time wrong.  It was just after 2:30 and the wedding wasn't until 4pm!

Oh my goodness!  Well, we definitely weren't late.  Ashton was hungry and it was cold, so we decided to hit Burger King to get some food in her tummy as she wouldn't make it to the reception to eat.

By that time Ashton's cute bow and ponytail fell out.  Now worries, she was wet anyhow.  We bought nuggets and fries for us all to share.  We even bought her cookies for being so good on the long trip and for being good while we were trying to figure out what was going on at the wedding.

Ashton ate her nuggets and fries, but said she didn't want cookies.  We were floored.  We rarely treat her , and was curious why our girl would turn down cookies.  She said she didn't want to ruin her dress!!  She said she didn't want to get her dress dirty before the wedding!  Melt your heart!!!

So we saved her cookies and made it back to the wedding.  We walked out to the reception tent.  Guests were arriving, and no one was outside.  It was still pouring cats and dogs.  So we walked back and sat down by the tables next to the one and only heater.

Ashton had a good time dancing around it having it blow up her dress.  We didn't need to wear our coats sitting next to the heater.

4pm rolled around and no wedding was happening yet.  They decided last minute to move the wedding inside to the outside tent rather than in the woods because of the rain.  So people were bringing extra chairs, moving the outside arch and all sorts of things.  

Though we had the furthest back table we were toasty warm and watched the wedding from our claimed table.  The wedding started around 4:40pm.  It worked out just fine!

Then came the food.  Ashton wanted the cesar salad so badly.  she loves salad.  What's funny is it's so much messier than cookies, but she didn't care.  I don't know if it's because we were at the wedding or if she was just hungry enough again, but I found it silly.  She had salad dressing everywhere.  I kept wiping her hands and mouth repeatedly.

We got to sit with Mr. J., who is Ms. M's husband.  Ms. M is a good friend of mine and was a bridesmaid.  Ms. M came by and I got a quick snapshot of her with Ashton.

We can't wait to see her and her girls next week for Ashton's birthday party!

Then Ms. J., the bride, came by and again another snapshot of her with Ashton.

We had to leave by 7:30 as it would be a long drive home and it'd be past Ashton's bedtime and the dogs would need to go potty.  So we left while the bride and groom had their first dance.  It was really sweet.  Though it rained, the wedding ending up being beautiful.  It was a lovely affair!

It was fun to see Ashton blow bubbles, dance with little kids, and chase her around tables!... Well, maybe the last part wasn't fun for me, but it was for her!  I think she enjoyed her first time attending a wedding!
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