Friday, October 31, 2014

A Snowy Halloween

At daycare today, Ashton got to hit a pinata for Halloween.

 It looks like she did a pretty good job.  She got to take a bag of candy home from the poor mutilated pig.

When we got home, it had been raining all day.

The weather last weekend was amazingly beautiful and warm and this Halloween the exact opposite.  It was windy, cold, and raining/snow mix!!  It was terrible!

We planned to go trick-or-treating with Ms. D and her boys, like we did last year.  So we got Ashton in her costume!

She was the Angelina Jolie version of Maleficent.  This was a size 7 costume.  But for the kids that wear it, it's only tea length.  By bringing in the waist, it was floor length dress and long sleeved.  Perfect!  She had her amazing wings.  They were awesomely textured and had hints of purple in them.  Unfortunately, we don't have pictures from the back.  I'm thinking we should "retake" photos tomorrow outside when it warmer and not raining to get the full effect of her costume.  The horns that came with the costume were fine.  But they weren't as cool as the light up horns.  Of course the light up horns were a bigger size.  So we took both in case the light up horns became too much of a hassle while trick-or-treating.  For fun, I put them on for a moment.

We met up with Ms. D and her 2 sons, and Ashton freaked out.  She was terrified of their costumes.  One was a yellow Angry Bird, and the other was a Creeper from Minecraft.  She had us hold her the whole time.  So we couldn't take pictures.

We headed out and it was raining.  So we had our umbrellas out.  The wind was blowing so Ashton was cold.  We made it to about 4 houses, and Ashton had enough.  She was whining and saying she was cold.  So we decided to take her to the mall for trick-or-treating.  Ms D and her kids decided so as well.

We went to the mall and it was a mistake.  It was WORSE than going to the mall on Black Friday.  It was more packed and you could barely move an inch.  You'd get in line and wait forever to get to the store passing out candy and you'd get 1 tootsie roll!  It was awful!  So not worth it.  So we decided we'd take our kids to the Disney Store inside to have fun.

There were tons of Elsa costumes from "Frozen", and I was excited to think Ashton was the ONLY Maleficent in Indianapolis.  I was wrong.  We found another that the Disney Store.

But sine it was just a headpiece and not the whole costume, we decided it didn't count against Ashton's costume.

The crowds were terrible, so Ms. D and her kids decided to call it a night.  Ashton had fun running around the store looking at stuff.  Then we headed home too.

Upon going home, we thought it'd be funny to have her photo taken by the Christmas display on the way out.

Then my husband spotted something either funny, sad, or sorta cool.  We're on the fence...

I mean Darth shouldn't be wearing a Santa hat, but making a snowball Death Star is funny.  So not to sure...  What a way to end the terrible night.

But driving home in the snow and crazy wind, we stopped by the Fazoli's drive thru and picked up some amazingly buttery, garlicy breadsticks!!!  They were Heaven!!

The I gave Ashton a warm bath and some candy.  She loved trying them out to find what she liked or not.  There wasn't much to choose from, so we let her eat it.

So this Halloween was a bust, but that's okay.  Ashton looked great, we got out anyhow, and we'll take better photos tomorrow in 10 degree warmer weather.  It's supposed to be 44 degrees tomorrow.

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