Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tiny Steps

Today I planned to do nothing but stay home.  So I got home and it was left over night.  Ashton and I vegged today with our doggies snuggling with us.  It was nice.  Then it was bedtime.  I got her in her crib, no tears, on time!  She feel asleep with no fuss!

I enjoyed the solitude.  Just vegging... snuggling with the pups.  But one hour later, Ashton started crying.  I walked up and she begged to be rocked.  She was scared.  I accomplished a small victory, but in the end, I don't know if i gained any ground.

On top of which, our family just found out today that my husband's sister has a mass on her colon.  They are biopsying it to see if it's cancer.  We should find out tomorrow.  This is very scary news, as her mother, my mother-in-law just died of colon cancer two years ago.  I can't imagine my husband and his dad going through this again.  It's still raw, the loss of Kay to the family.  I don't know how they'll cope.  I pray it's benign.

I can't imagine how my husband and his father are feeling right now.  And tonight my husband is performing in front of a test audience.  Tomorrow is opening night.  I hope he can enjoy the performance and get through all of this.  I'm sure he is distracted beyond belief.  

I pray to God for her and the family.  
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