Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yesterday storms were brewing up everywhere.  But it sounded and looked awesome.  Ashton and I cam home in the middle of one and she and I stood in the garage watching it.  Ashton kept laughing.  Then the wind picked up and we were getting drenched and I had trouble closing the garage door.  Thing kept blowing over the sensors.  It took 3 tries.

I then popped up her tent as promised.  Ashton dove in.  She loved it.  
But with the storms, the dogs were going batty and I couldn't stay up there with Ashton, and she was insistent not to be alone.  

I tried to have her sleep on the couch while I was with the dogs, but she just kept getting off the couch to play.

So I told her I was putting her in her crib just while I fed the dogs and took them out.  She said okay.  Not 5 mintues later, I hear her calling for me from upstairs in the hallway.  SHE CLIMBED OUT OF HER CRIB!!

So I finally decided to put the dogs up for bed and have Ashton sleep in my bed.  She was asleep instantly.  However, the dogs, not so much.  The whined and barked, keeping me up all night.  And because Ashton was in bed, my hubby came home to sleeping on the couch.  And I got kicked and slapped all night.  Ashton is a restless sleeper like me.  So I didn't sleep very well.  I woke up in a cranky mood.  In fact, I awoke to having take Khaleesi out in the middle of the night, then to Ashton up an hour before we had to, jumping about... all with me having a headache.  Not a pretty picture.

I assume tonight will be just as crazy, but hopefully not so bad from the dogs as no storms.  I'm glad Ashton awoke to being in a good mood.  Gotta focus on the silver lining.
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