Thursday, September 25, 2014

Math Fundementals

Just for the record, i don't let Ashton run around in only a diaper.  she's too fun to dress up.  However, she ruined her outfit and I threw it in the wash and she promptly went back to playing and was too cute... I had to take a snapshot.

Ashton loves puzzles.  Even ones too hard for her.  She asks for help and tries to do them herself.  This puzzle is cool as it helps recognized counting items with its corresponding number.  She loves playing with it.

Also, earlier today, I took Khaleesi to her last puppy shots appointment at the vet.  She is now 4 months old and weighs a whopping 13 pounds!!!  The vet said she's healthy and on track, she's just going to be a tiny dalmatian.   He thinks low 30s!  We shall see.

So in 10 days she can officially go to a dog park!  Yay!!

Ashton's night fears are still there.  However, I'm getting her to bed faster, she's falling asleep faster, but she seems to wake up about every 2 hours, and as long as I go in and sit in the chair and watch her go back to sleep, in about 10 minutes I can get out... so I'm slowly catching back on sleep, but still not getting a full night's sleep yet.  But when she does sleep she looks like an angel.
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