Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Annual Walk the Wall in Indianapolis

I woke up this morning very early as we had to set up for our Walk the Wall event.  It was about 45 degrees, and freezing.  It even sprinkled a bit on the drive over.  I was so worried.

We started setting up and the wind was so strong balloons were blowing across the lawn, brochures were flying out of their holders, nothing stayed put.  I was miserable and cold.  We kept going back in the car to warm up as our hands would freeze and we couldn't do much because of the numbness.

We arrived there about 7:45 am.  Registration was at 9 am.  People started trickling in.  4 people decided to walk early and get it done and over with as they were freezing and didn't want to wait.

But at 10 am the walk began.  It warmed up to about 48 degrees.  We had 30 walkers!!  It was awesome!

What was really great is 3 girls from the Sanmenxia SWI were together!!  Ashton should have been in the Pearl room (baby room) with each of them for some time!  How cool is that??

This is Miss C. being shy, Miss H in the center and my girl! there was another Sanmenxia baby supposed to come, but she was sick.  Hopefully, we can have some Sanmenxia meet ups through the years!!

My family came and friends and people I didn't even know.... it was truly amazing to see people come together like this.

Once everyone started walking, people warmed up.

At the end people gathered, children ran with balloons and people talked about sponsoring children!  It was so good to see.

I want to give a hug thank you to Red Thread Photography for these amazing photos!  

Hopefully, I can make it bigger and better next year, and pray that the weather is much warmer!!!

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