Sunday, September 14, 2014

Carmel's Mooncake Festival

After Walk the Wall yesterday, we went home to crash for a few hours before going to Carmel's Mooncake Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival).  We really enjoyed it last year.  So we were really looking forward to it this year.  However, my husband is in a play so couldn't join us, and the weather was a bit nippy, luckily not as cold as it was the morning of the walk.

LauLau met up with us at home and we drove up there.  Ashton had been talking about wanting to see the lion dance since June; and we told her she'd see it at the Mooncake Festival.  She loves it so much we watch a lion dance on YouTube about once a week!  So she was asking about it non-stop all day; when were we going to see it?

There was no lion dance.  Luckily, she did enjoy the human dances.

At the end they asked for the kids to go up on stage.  Ashton wouldn't go on without me.  We went up with Ms. K!!  Both girls boogied!  Both her mother and I were doing fine until we heard the announcer say we were on live TV!!!  We then tried to shrink behind our tiny girls as much as possible.  Ashton loved it so much she asked to go again.

she didn't' eat her mooncake this time, but had 2 cups of tea.

When it was over LauLau, Ashton and I stopped for treats.  Ashton picked a cupcake pop in blue, and I got a smoothie.  Ashton was upset it wasn't an ice cream, I think she was confused, but ate bits anyway.

Then at home, I was determined to get a photo of Ashton with LauLau... these are only a handful of the omitted shots... some with photo bombs from the pups.

Finally a decent one.

It was a fun, but exhausting day!  Hoping Sunday is a lot slower.  Need the recharge.
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