Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blink of a Weekend

The weekend was very busy, filled with lots of chores, tasks, and so forth.  So I only got glimpses of moments.

Definitely not a posed photo, but a moment of life... Ashton adores Khaleesi and wants to walk her and so forth though she's too big for her to walk.

Then of course when I try to get her to pose I get this stoic glance. Not even a smile.  But better than an eye roll or or attitude.

Naturally, Sunday Ashton is begging for her photo to be taken with Khaleesi.  Khaleesi doesn't cooperate very well, but I get some great crops of Ashton.

Then when I manage a photo with Khaleesi, Ashton is sort of out of focus and giving her crooked smile... sigh! 

As far as Ashton's sleeping it's touch and go.  I'm getting her to bed okay, with a lot of stalling and pleading from her part not to.  But she minds me pretty well and goes down.  But it doesn't last long.  After an hour or two she's up.  And either crying or in bed with us or us in her room.  We're working out this new toddler bed and at least Ashton hasn't left her room, which is good.  I think there is an adjustment period and we're going through it. But what's really sweet is Peyton sleeps with her every night, and if Ashton is still in her bed by morning, so is Peyton!  Love her sweet protector!  Peyton is a great cat, and I knew that she'd take to her!  I just didn't know this strongly!  But I'm very glad of it.
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