Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bites to Party

Friday, Ashton came home from daycare, and we had a busy night planned.  We were driving straight to Bloomington, which is about and hour and a half away.  We went home to eat first then headed out.  Ashton started fussing and crying about "ow"ies.  We checked her out and she was covered in bites and those bites were scratched and scabbed.  Her bites seemed swollen.  I would assume mosquito bites at first, but I never seen so many on her and such swelling.

I called her daycare immediately to see what she may have been into.  They were as perplexed as me.  She was very uncomfortable all night.  Not until I put band-aids all over most of her bites, right before I put on her pjs, did she feel better.  

The next morning, she wanted all the band-aids off, to my relief.  However, already, they all left a sticky ring of film that I can't get off.  she has them all over her body, red scabs, and dirty sticky rings... she looks awful.  I can only hope they go away in the next couple days.  Ashton won't let me scrub them or take my nails to them, she gets scared.  

But Saturday was much better.  It was Ms. G's birthday!  There are three kids in our cul-de-sac, Mr. D who turned 3 in July, Ashton who will be 3 in October and Ms. G, who just turned 2.  They hang out quite a bit.  They'll be a tight threesome before you know it.

She was all excited to see her best buds for the party... or she was excited about cake... not sure which,, but she was excited about the party none the less.  She has a blast.  She loved Ms. G's drum and kept banging on it while she opened other presents.

Ms. G and Ashton have certainly grown since her last birthday...

Luckily, no tears at this party.

All three had fun opening the presents... Mr. D and Ashton were actually invited to help Ms. G open them.

The three then had fun taking their ATVs for a spine.  They chased each other around on their vehicles for a good hour.  It was great to see them have so much fun, and the weather was perfect.  My phone had died by then, so no video or pictures.  But it was fun for all!  What a great birthday!  

Next weekend is the ICC Walk-The-Wall!  We're so excited for that!!

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