Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ashton's First Day at Her Newest Daycare

I was curious on how today would go.  It was thundering and raining hard all night.  So I was curious if she was going to be more grumpy this morning.  But she seemed her usual.  We told her she was going to a new daycare, but not sure how much it imputed.

I drove her to her new daycare and she walked right in with me.  I dropped off her backpack, her diapers, wipes, and so forth.  Then when I went to leave, Ashton reached out for my hands.  Not crying, but still scared.  I held them and told her she'd be fine, then she noticed a new, shiny toy and off she went, and I ducked out.

When I went back to pick her up, she was happy to see me.  I asked how her day went, and I was told she did great.  She was teaching the other kids which was the red crayon, and was very happy-go-lucky all day.  I even got her artwork of her green alligator.  She even did the pledge of allegiance with the rest of the class.  I think it was her first time doing it.  I don't think she did it at her last two daycares.

So far, so good.  We'll see what the rest of the week brings.

At home today, she asked me for the first time, "Why, Mommy, Why?"  She's never asked why before.  I know it's not the last.

Here is her song, "Amadeus!" with Khaleesi interrupting.  I think this is how Ami prefers her to sing it, away from him.

Then she started singing, "Why?"

... did her new daycare teach her this word?  I have a feeling after a couple days this word will be so old hat for me.  But my baby is growing... :)

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