Monday, September 8, 2014

17 Months in China, 17 Months with us!!

Today is a monumental day!!! Gotcha Day was 17 months ago today.

Shi Qing was in China for 17 months... TODAY marks 17 months she's been with her forever family, now known as Ashton Kendall!!! 

As she was born on the 23rd we're off a few days, but as today is Gotcha Day, it's definitely an important one, if not the official one.. which would be in a few days.

But still a great milestone!  So much has happened in these short 17 months... I mean SO MUCH!  It's hard to think of all I missed for the first 17 months!  I'm just so glad to be called her mama!

I wish I could say we celebrated with Mooncakes.  Truth is our mooncake mold that I ordered still isn't in yet.  But when it arrives, we'll celebrate the Mid-autumn festival, though the moon isn't at its fullest.  I think in America you can celebrate any day in September that works best for you... or at least I'm giving myself that pass this year.

With my hubby gone all week for hell week, this play opens up this weekend, there just isn't time to celebrate our 17 month milestone... so maybe in a couple weeks, if and when I get the mooncake molds (I won't be making traditional mooncakes - I learned my lesson, but a modified version.  I'll share the recipe if they turn out well).

I did read her a Mid-Autumn Festival book and told her today was a 17 month anniversary of Gotcha Day.  She seemed happy even if it all didn't make sense to her.

This girl is amazing and I'm so proud to call her my daughter!!  I am truly blessed!!
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