Saturday, August 23, 2014

MJ's Birthday Party

Yesterday, Daddy was vacuuming and Ashton was begging to try.  Ashton loves to help clean.  She has a little OCD about it.  She must have her hands clean, the space between her plate and self clean, but food on face and hair... that's not an issue.  So it's odd to see the things that bother her.  She loves to help throw things away, try to empty the dishwasher, so why wouldn't the same go for vacuuming?

So we let her at it.  She LOVED it.  She begged to do the other rooms.  Other than being slow, she does a fairly good job!

This morning she begged again to vacuum.  Though this time we said no.  There was not time to pull it out of the closet.  We had to eat breakfast and get going to a birthday party.  Her cousin, MJ turned 2!

Ashton had fun!  She loved her pizza and cupcake!  But she was dying to go outside, as usual.  She was asking anyone who would let her.  But it was a million degrees outside.  So finally it was decided the kids could play with the water table.  MJ has the sprayer and soaked her sister and Ashton.  They had a blast.  Ashton loved running about with the water table's umbrella.  

She conked out on the ride back home!  Glad she got a fun day to play with her cousins!

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