Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Baby Turning Into a Little Lady

Yes, she's still a toddler, and petite, but she's looking more and more like a young lady, little girl, than a toddler to me.  It's precious to see her grown and mature, but I also miss her fleeting baby youth!

Just in looks alone, I'm seeing a girl not a toddler or baby.  Though she'll still be silly as ever and give her funny faces.  But I'm beginning to see the girl she's becoming.  A lady she'll become... do I dare say woman?

She's becoming more independent.  Meaning able to play by herself in the other room without being watched.  I can actually do something in the kitchen while she's in her play area!  

She's also doing better in conversation.  She still will just give a few words answers, but we can talk multiple angles about a subject for a bit.

And she's learning faster.  She understand what you say without stepping her through, step-by-step.  She's amazing!

She still can't answer why, but she's developing quite the sweet personality... if not demanding too at times.  She's still very passionate and absolute.  But seeing the wheels churn in her mind... love to see.  
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  1. Your little lady is really lovely ! ;-)


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