Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Day at Second Daycare

Today was the last day at Ashton's second daycare.  I thought there would be a card, or a special something or photos sent... but no.  It was like any other regular day.

There were no photos with her former daycare provider or with her daycare mates.  Very underwhelming, but I guess, what did I expect?

But when we got home, Ashton was playing so cute.  She started singing to Amadeus his own personal song...  If you look at the last shot, you can tell Ami was less than thrilled.  Priceless moment.

She was having fun, bounding with energy... per usual.

And man, so tiring to us parents!

Between her and Khaleesi right now, I don't have time for much.  But my little toddlers adore each other and keep me on my toes.
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