Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Day with Our Dalmatian Puppy

Ashton woke up cranky yesterday.  Not the best of moods to go get a dalmatian puppy, but what do you do?

We went off on the hour and half drive to go get her.  When we arrived, it was like she knew she was coming home.  Out of the ten puppies, there were only 3 left.  And our girl was eager to leave with us.  With Ashton's help, she got out of her pen, with her siblings still locked behind.  She still looked much smaller than her siblings.

Ashton was very good about petting her.  But she loved to squeal and run and be chased.

Before we left, we wanted a couple shots of our new puppy with her mother.

Driving back, Ashton got hungry for lunch.  So we stopped by a McDonald's that had outside seating.  Not my first choice, but had to have the outside seating.  Our dog was really well behaved.  She just sat with us, while we ate.

Back at home, she met our brood and got nervous and hid in a corner for a bit.

But she loved to play with her new toys, Ashton, and share the dog beds.  Ashton loved having her.  We had several names on our list from Ember, to Rumor, to Brinley, to Andromeda.  We finally settled on the name: Khaleesi.  It fits her well.

She's very smitten with everyone.  When going to bed she conked out.  However, she was quite the alarm clock early in the morning.  Ready to go out for potty, a walk, and breakfast.  I wasn't ready for the early call, but she was really good about it all.

When I got Ashton up, rather than asking for her daddy every morning as she does, she asked where Khaleesi was.

It's definitely going to be busy around here!

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