Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blur of Days

Now that the conferences are finally over, one would think life would come back into balance.  No.

Having a puppy has flipped our worlds upside down.

She needs to go out about every 3 hours, therefore, I don't get much sleep and if she barks, Ashton is awake and crying meaning, time to stay up can care for my baby.

It's been exhausting, but should be so worth it once my little pup gets trained.  She's still crazy about Ashton and vice versa.

With such little sleep the days are blending together.  And the nights have been hard as my husband is off to rehearsals most every night.

But through it all there've been laughs.

Ashton has been obsessed with pulling up grass lately.  Don't know why.  But it makes her smile.  But as we have moles we're trying to get rid of that have ruined our front lawn anyhow, I don't care if she pulls it out.

Ashton was also very proud to present her FIRST freckle!  She points mine and Daddy's out all the time.  She wants to know where hers are.  I always tell her she doesn't have any.  Then one day she comes running to me,  "Freckle!  I have a freckle, mama!"  I doubt it.  She gets so many bumps and bruises and scrapes... but low and behold.  Her first freckle.  It's on her leg and she points it out all the time.  It makes her giddy!

She's also trying to be more "funny".  She'll do something then ask if it's funny.  Usually the first time, cute, but over and over... not so funny.  As was her eating her bow.  Cute the first time... by time 13 I was sick of it and started telling her she can't eat her clothes.

Khaleesi is adjusting.  She has some cute quirks, like running and eating in her sleep.  She enjoys her toys.

She jumped in Ashton's chair when she heard the lawn mower for the first time.

Ashton loves drumming with whatever she finds.  And lately it's sticks.  And she gave a performance for me.

Potty training is not easy. Never thought it would be. I understand it's 2 steps forward and three steps back. Tuesday night was the first time that Khaleesi held it through the night. I still woke up every hour just to be sure, because she can usually only hold it about 3 hours. But she did it. Full well knowing that she'll mess up and go potty earlier than her 3 hours span later just to prove a point. 

Well, last night she walked to the gate asking to be let out. I picked her up in my arms and walked to the leashes on the coat hooks. And right there she peed all over me, though she went out just an hour before. In fact, she peed all over me, soaked my jeans, my shoes, her leash, and my laundry basket of clean, folded clothes that were to go upstairs.

Ashton wanted to help, but I told her to take care of Ami instead.

But it was a good night regardless, because we found out that the new chemo meds Amadeus started a month ago has just shrunk his cancer in half!!!  Hallelujah!!  Which is amazing, because just before that I had learned it grew 1/3 the size since his last check up thus the change in chemo.  I'm so glad to hear he's doing better.

I can't wait until she's potty trained and I can get some sleep.  Having her and Ashton, potty training at the same time... tiring!  And Ami too, as the chemo makes him want to pee and eat constantly.  And taking care of them all by myself while Daddy's gone to rehearsals.  Whew!  But worth it!  It'll be great, I hope in the next month!  We shall see.
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