Thursday, August 21, 2014

Birthday Card for Her Daddy

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday.  And as memorable as it was upon getting my birthday card from Ashton, I wanted the same for him.  So I had Ashton pick out her Daddy's birthday card.  She had a handful, but when she found "The One" she dropped the others and couldn't put it down.  She was begging to give it to him, though it wasn't his birthday yet.  

Luckily, she didn't let the cat out of the bag and she was able to give him his card on his actual birthday.  Once home from work and daycare, I redressed her.  We dressed her up in his favorite outfit of hers and she wore her favorite galoshes.  She was ready!  Her face of excitement is so obvious!

She loves the Muppets, so it wasn't far fetched for her to want to get this card for him.  She thinks it's hilarious.  She loves Beaker and Animal from the show.  Probably because of all the YouTube videos they do.

Compare to 8 months ago to my birthday and her giving me a card.  Same excitement, but wow!  How much she's changed and grown between our birthdays!

Of course, after giving it to him she wanted it back to play with over and over.  She got such a tickle from it and eventually would say his lines with him louder and louder!  It was funny.

Then we did a violin practice.  My husband is so good with her about it.  Ashton hasn't had lesson for 3 weeks, so I'm curious about how her lesson will go today for not having it so long.  I hope it goes well.

I'm still adjusting to having a puppy.  Ashton adores her, but Khaleesi is still learning how to be gentle with her and the other pups.  Once we have her potty trained I think things will settle better into a routine and new lifestyle.  

I just left one puppy manners class for another.  I think the prior was too loose in method and wasn't supportive in her having a toddler for a sibling or older dogs.  I know it's not ideal, but after hearing it from the instructor when asking for advice, I decided to change it up and go with someone who would be excited about our pup and the challenges, rather than see it as a hazard.

So, Khaleesi's breeder introduced me to a trainer she thought I'd like: Khaleesi's cousin and her owner, so to speak.  This trainer had gotten one of her puppies over a year ago and is a dog trainer too.  So our girls are related somewhere.  And we have that connection.  So it's really cool.  And unlike before where I drove across town to class, he comes to teach in our home, in her natural environment.

First class is tomorrow.  Very interested to see how it goes.

But yesterday, I just had fun with the camera with us and our fur family while my hubby was off to theater rehearsal!  I was working with the pups to all sit and I was sitting on the floor with them.  Then Khaleesi jumps into my lap with Ashton quickly doing the same.  So it was time for a selfie of course!

These were the outtakes!

Then I tried desperately to get all my furbabies to look up.  Not easy!

Wish I could say all the pups get along with her.  They tolerate her, but she's still too hyper with them and she loves to pull Skylar's tail the most.  She tries to engage with Arwen, and it's hard to tell if Arwen wants to play or is terrified.  So we try to break it up.  Kiara can't stand her and barks and lunges at her if she's too close.  But if Khaleesi is curled up on the couch with me, all the others pile on as if she isn't even there and it's Heaven, if even for only a moment.  Usually Ashton wants to join and they scatter.  But she loves that too as it means a chase.  My poor furbabies!

Overall, Khaleesi is doing great.  But I am exhausted.  Just hope I make it through this hump.  It'll be so worth it.  But for now, it's just another day in the life...

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