Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ashton Gets Her Children's Museum

Ashton has been begging for weeks to go back to the Children's Museum.  But we've been too busy.  We decided finally to make some time and take our little girl to the Museum.  She was thrilled!!

However, when we arrived, it was the busiest I've ever seen it.  We didn't get to park in the usual covered parking with the walkway to the Museum.  We had to go to another parking lot and walk around the side to get in.  We weren't used to that.  There were hundreds of people in line... thank goodness we have our annual passes!  We walked right in.

First off we went to the carousel.  Ashton rode with me on a horse, then with Daddy on the giraffe.  She loves that carousel and talks about riding her giraffe all the time.

She's talked about seeing the Mulan Jr. show too, but that was only for a few weekends only.  She got to see it once.  I'm glad she wasn't begging to see it again.

We went to the toddler room, I can't remember what they call the area officially, but she has a blast climbing the leaves.  She's fearless.

Then we went to the music room.  She loved playing all the instruments.


She then revved herself up to go to the China exhibit.  

Every time we go we go to the "doggies".  She hugs them first thing each time we've visited the China exhibit.  It's now a tradition, so to speak.

Here are past pictures with the doggies.

This time she took a bigger interest in the panda display than before.  It was so cute and fun to watch her.

I'm glad she had such a great time.  We then left and went to McDonald's with an indoor playground for her to go crazy on.  She had a great day!  I hope we can do more Ashton-filled days.  I just hated being gone from Khaleesi so long.  Her still adjusting to us, and her bathroom schedule and training... I didn't like being gone from her so long... But she did fine.  

Ashton is very good to her, and Khaleesi is still learning how to play properly with Ashton and the other pups.  I feel sorry that she can't play and interact the way she wants to.  I hope to get her with Simon, her brother sometime soon.

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