Sunday, July 13, 2014

Unexpected Craftsman

Getting a new puppy, we went to Lowes, yesterday, to see if they had any cylinder foam to wrap around table lets, to help prevent from chewing.  Upon doing so, we saw a bunch of kids in aprons and goggles building wooden projects.  Lowes has a 'Build and Grow' program for kids.  

Today's project was a racing snail that had wheel to zip around. They said Ashton could do one right now if she wanted.  And the best part, it's FREE!

Ashton was thrilled.  We loved the whole spontaneity of it all and decided Ashton could build one herself.

She was given a free apron, goggle, and kit.  I put the apron on her... she didn't care for the goggles one bit.  She kept saying they hurt, no matter how loose I made the straps.

Ashton loved hammering.  She kept asking if she could hammer more and more.  

My husband helped her hammer the pieces together while I helped her decorate it with stickers.  She was so cute about the entire process.

At the end she made her own racing snail.  She got a completion certificate and badge.  the badge can iron on the apron for which projects you complete!  It was such a cool experience.  We can't wait do do another one in the future.

Ashton liked it so much, she hated having to turn in her hammer at the end of the project.  So we pursued the store and found Ashton-sized hammer and screwdrivers for her to have of her very own.

We then went home for Ashton to change for Bastille Day. I loved her pillowcase dress; and she had the best occasion to wear it. 

While there she kept wanting to see the elephant.  I think the elephant is always there, but just dressed up for the occasion.

Some of our friends were there and Ashton enjoyed seeing them all.  But she got bored quickly and begged to go to a playground.  So we indulged her and she had a blast going up and down and running to her heart's content.

We never found our leg foam wraps, but it was a good day!
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