Friday, July 25, 2014

Soccer, Birthday, Violin, and more

Yesterday was Lau Lau's birthday.  So she was coming over for hotdogs and birthday cupcakes.  Ashton was very upset that she wasn't home the moment she got home.  She didn't want to wait.

So we passed the time with a little soccer.  Daddy got out his soccer ball and started airing it up.  Then gave another soccer ball to Ashton.

Ashton played for a minute or two but was more interested in pumping up her ball.

Ami was in my lap watching on.  And was being so cute.  He doesn't know his world will be rocked with a puppy in a week's time!

Lau Lau arrived and Ashton gave her a present she made just for her.  She made it at her daycare for her!  Can you believe it?  Sad to know it's closing soon.

Ashton didn't want to eat her WHOLE hot dog, but we persisted so she could eat her cupcake.  And man, did she want that cupcake.  She was in Heaven when she stated eating it.

She even gave a performance or practice session for LauLau to see.  For those who've only seen pictures and no video of her playing, this is a tiny taste. 

She is going to start learning "Twinkle, Twinkle" very soon!  Maybe by the end of the year she can play it.  But we have good days of practice and not so good days where it feels like we're going backwards.  But she's still passionate about the violin as ever.

What's funny is the day before Ashton was begging if she could sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  Then day of, she was too shy to do it.  Just clammed up!  Maybe she'll be able to wish her Daddy a happy birthday next month.

All in all though, I think Lau Lau had a nice birthday sharing it with the family!
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