Thursday, July 31, 2014

Returning Home

Returned home from my work conference out of state, and I got to pick Ashton up from daycare.  When she saw me, she asked, "Where's Daddy?"  Much better than last year when she wouldn't even look at me.

I forced a couple of hugs and kisses out of her and all was good.  We had dinner and I was ready for bed before Ashton's bed time.

I gave her a bath and she had fun - loves baths that one!  I put her in her backwards pajamas.  Then I went to rock her to sleep.  She didn't want to be rocked.  Just tucked in bed, with the instructions to keep the door open and hide the scroll over the mirror with a blanket.  

I then left and passed out in bed.   I woke around 9:45 pm to my husband coming home.  We chatted and talked plans for our new puppy arrival on Saturday.  Then by 11:30 pm, Ashton was awake and was brought in to me in bed.  I gave her some juice and we ate a few Pringles together.  She was all smiles!

That moment together made me feel so much better.  She truly did miss her mommy and wanted us to be together.  What a great memory!

It was so good to know I hadn't missed a beat with my daughter and all was fine.  She snuggled up with me for a bit and then off to bed again, no fuss.

Good to be home!
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