Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mulan Jr.

Yesterday we went shopping to get a few items for Ashton's Halloween costume.  Yes, I'm already at work and getting it all together.  

Of course, we had to stop and let her ride the horse.  Finally, one her size.  We didn't have any change, so it didn't do anything, but she had a blast sitting on it and pretending to ride.  I don't know if she even knew it was supposed to move.  We'll have to remember to get change for the next time we're there.

While out and about, we decided to stop at the Disney store.  

As her favorite movie is "Let It Go",  I mean "Frozen", but she calls it "Let It Go" - we thought to see if there was anything there from the movie.  However, she actually doesn't watch it.  Just the one song part.  That's about it.  But she's obsessed with the song.  I don't even know how really.  But she loves it.  I swear, Disney has some brain washing words hidden in that song to have all children obsessed with it from the get go!  

So we went there to see if there was anything she'd want.  We looked at some Olaf singing toy, we looked at Tinkerbell, we looked at Thumper dolls, and lots of stuff... but what did our girl gravitate to?  What from all the bunnies, kitties, mice, dolls, and costumes did she want?  She wanted the Bantha.  That's right, not a typo - a Bantha.  

She loved him from the moment she saw him.   She kept trying to ride him. I wish I took a photo.  

And for those who don't know what a Bantha is... it's from Star Wars - the sand people or Tusken Raiders rode them.  

And Ashton wanted to ride it in the store.  I think she thinks he's a shaggy horse.  Yes, we love our Star Wars, but other than showing her the Star Wars Museum, and dressing up like Star Wars for Halloween, and pointing out a few photos, she has NO IDEA what Star Wars is.  Let alone a Bantha.

But being the ORIGINAL Star Wars enthusiasts that we are, we let her bring Bantha home with her.  She tried to ride him at home too.  It's hilarious!  She loves him and slept with him that very night!

Today Ashton peaked through the desk chair and we got this cool picture.  Didn't even mean to, she was reaching for the camera and pulling it away this photo came from it.

We went to the Children's Museum again today.  But this time it was because we had tickets to see Mulan Jr.  It was a huge risk for us.

Why?  Well, unlike most kids, my girl just doesn't watch TV.  She just doesn't have the attention span for it.  Musicals included.  We try to get her to watch Frozen or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and other than the opening credits or occasional song - nope!  No interest. 

However, Mulan Jr. is in town for about a month, and we wanted to give her the chance to see it.  It's a 45 minute musical.

So we got there early and did the slide and fun stuff.  Ashton loves Bumblebee, the transformer.  She doesn't know the movie or seen him anywhere but here, but he's her buddy.  He seemed to have made an impression on her earlier this year, because every now and then she asks to see Bumblebee.  And did so a lot the last couple weeks since being to the Children's Museum last. So we finally got a photo of them together.

We even visited "China" again and Ashton ran to her favorite "dog", I mean lion.

We even tried the kung fu class.  It was for 5 and up, but we thought hey, it's movement if she can do this she can do Mulan Jr.  

They "teachers" talked so much rather than show the moves, Ashton was being disruptive.  I was asked if we'd feel better to leave, right when the kung fu started.  So we missed the fun.

I was so embarrassed.  There were other 2-3 year olds that were being so good and just sitting in their parents lap.  Mine was a wiggle worm and asking questions and wanting to have fun.

We arrived early just to wear her out, as a sleeping Ashton is better than a cranky one for the show.  

Then we ate lunch there and made our way in line to the show.  We got great seats.  We sat at the very top - aisle seats, so if she got fussy we could easily sneak out or just hang back without disrupting anyone.

Ashton loved the theater seats.  She loved having her own seat.  Though she'd go from it to my lap to Daddy's lap.

When the show started I was surprised no one was Chinese.  I mean, it makes sense... we're American so we'd hire Americans to play out the story - however, it just took me back.

Everyone had a lot of gusto and I applaud them for keeping the children's interest.  Even Ashton!  She loved the music!  

But one thing or character in particular caught her interest the most.  She would get so excited and speak (way too loudly) "Where's Mushu?" over and over!

Mushu was Mulan's dragon.  And she was played by a young woman.  And whenever she'd leave the stage, Ashton keep asking when she'd come back.  We'd have to hush her and Daddy took her back of the theater a couple times as she'd ask too loudly and we were afraid she's disturb those around her.

At the end of the play all the actors were outside to great the audience and to take pictures.  

Ashton gave one of the warriors a high five.  But she wanted to see Mushu.  Well, Mushu and Mulan were the most popular and there was a big crowd wanting to get photos.  Finally, it was Ashton's turn and she got scared.  She didn't want to be close to Mushu.

She wouldn't go near her if I held her, so she went into Daddy's arms to be brave.  She got near her, but clung to Daddy.  I had to quickly snap the photo, and this is the best I got.

I got a quick snapshot of her with Mulan, however, when I did (see the hand) I was told no more photos.  Then for whatever reason, again - blurry photo.  Maybe it was too dark?  I dunno.

It was a fun day and we are so proud of Ashton for making through a 45 minute musical!  There is hope!  

I'm sure we can get her to watch a show on TV soon!  I'd love to sit down and watch the Muppets with her or something similar.  I can't wait!
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