Wednesday, July 23, 2014


She looks peaceful, doesn't she?

However, lately it's been a fight getting her to this point.

I've mentioned on and off how there are times we can get her straight to be and nights where she just has to cry it out.

Well, usually if she's crying, we just let her until she falls asleep.  We know the real cry of fear and the cry I just don't want to go to sleep.

On and off there are nights when she wakes up from a nightmare of just disoriented and we go in.  Those are long nights.  She doesn't usually go back to sleep for hours.  She hates sleep.

Well, as of last weekend, things have shifted.  I hope it's a phase, but it's been very taxing on us and I'm sure on her.

I was rocking her per usual, singing, telling stories, she was all smiles.  Then I went to lay her down.  She would either - 

a) lay down ready to go to bed
b) ask for a book to "read" in bed, but ready for me to leave her with quiet time
c) cry, asking for me to come back and check on her after a time as she's not ready to go to bed.

This time it was D.

d) Wrap every part of her around me, clinging as if I were laying her onto fire, and scream.

I asked her what was wrong.

"I scary." she said.  Translation "I'm scared."

"Of what?"

She pointed to the corner left of her crib.  

"Of the mirror?" I asked. 


I pointed to each of the toys, she would reply no.  I picked her up and brought her close to the corner dresser and she got very fearful.

She pointed to the top of the mirror.

"This?" I touched the top scroll of the mirror.

"Yeah." she replied.

I threw a pair of pants of her over it to hide it.  "It's gone."

"It go away?" she asked.

"Yes."  But she was still scared.  I had to rock her more and let her scream it out.

Why she's afraid of the scroll on top of the mirror, I'll never know.

Next night, same problem, but more afraid.  This time we had to REMOVE the mirror from her room!  Along with more items she was afraid of, such as her China "It's a Small World!" doll, a pair of southern lions from China, her piggy bank, and her favorite music box - the nutcracker!  I so don't get it.  And she's still scared to go to bed.

The next night and since, we now have to leave her door open.  It's been awful.  My heart goes out to her, but I don't understand.  Why are the things that have no thought or that gave her joy, so scary now?

I truly hope this is a short phase.  I hate to see her so scared, and I'm afraid her room will be bare by the time it's all said and done.

I talked with her daycare, and nothing is different there.  So I have no idea where this got triggered from.  I can only hope it's a phase that all children go through.  She's been asking more and more "Is it scary?"  And I always reassure her that she loves it, or it's funny or safe.  I want my brave little girl that rides horses, and love dogs, and climbs as high as she can to come back.

I can't take all her fears away, but I hope I can reassure her that we wouldn't let harm come to her and that her room is a haven. 

We can only continue this ride with her and see where it goes, or when it ends.

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