Monday, July 7, 2014

Baby Fur Sister

Amadeus is my baby, my partner.  He's amazing!  However, with his cancer, we just don't know if he has a few months, a year or a couple at best.  However, from his appointment last Thursday, we found out his cancer has doubled in size since November, and it is in his joints now.  He also has just developed a heart murmur.  He has an infection, and it's getting better, but not as well as hoped.  We want it gone.  At least his lungs are clear and he feels no pain.  Just weight gain from the chemo.

That all being said, since knowing for a year that Ami, my partner in crime, has a short time here in this world, and that we have 3 senior dogs... I wanted a new addition to help brighten our lives and maybe take care of Ami as Ami took care of Arwen.  I would NEVER replace him, but I know I need another companion like Ami when he leaves.  The hole in my heart would be unbearable.  But no dog would just do.  I didn't want another pet, but a companion.

So for about 7 months we looked on and off.  I wanted a dalmatian.  I checked rescues and breeders.  Came close a couple times, but wasn't meant to be.

Then a breeder close to home had a pregnancy.  Her dog, Ava, was having her first litter.  I told her I wasn't looking for the typical dalmatian.  I was looking for a runt, smaller because of our small dogs at home.  Mellow, because of Ashton.  And a cuddler - because of me.  That was a tall order.  I didn't care if boy or girl.  I just wanted a companion that would bond with me like Ami and I are.

My hubby has Kiara and Arwen.  Those are his companions.  Dawson and Skylar are more family dogs.  And Ami is mine.

Well, on race day Ava had 10 puppies. The last wasn't breathing and was super tiny.  The breeder breathed life into the little girl's body.  Fluid came out and she lived!  This girl was so much smaller than the rest.  Come to find out, this litter was all mellow.  All marshmallow personalities like their daddy.  And as the small one needed a little extra care (not to be pushed out of feedings by her big siblings) she got extra personal attention.  So she is a real people puppy and loves to be held, snuggles, body contact!  This girl was meant to be mine.  And she sounds a bit like our Ashton.  Tiny but mighty!

As the little girl was born on race day, she got a race name from the breeder.  So her current name is Rahal.

She is about 6 weeks now.  And on August 2nd she will come home with us.  Ashton thinks she is her dog!  And I might share - a little :)  I just hope all the dogs will welcome her in.  They're all older and crankier.

She's the tiny one, third from left laying on her back with a sibling laying across her.

During our first visit with her, last week, she kept climbing back in my lap over and over.  Eventually, a few of her siblings did too, and she just snuggled next to my feet and conked out.  Ashton even got to hold her, and Rahal didn't mind.  She was so good with her!

We visited again yesterday.  Again Ashton held Rahal; and Rahal was all laid back.  She had just played hard before we came, so she was very tired... as you can see.  She's quite the looker already, and I can't wait to see her spots darken and her become more striking.

We haven't picked a name yet.  Something I will be haunted by for the next month.  But we are very excited!  We can visit as much as we'd like until she comes to live with us.  She comes from an excellent breeder who loves her dogs, and knows their lineage intimately and is willing to help us with any questions or concerns to have our puppy blossom to her fullest.  It's been a great time learning about our little girl and dalmatians in particular.  This will be my first Dalmatian.  Quiet the transition from Chihuahua, Pekingese, and Tibetan Spaniel.


Here is a video from the breeder from a couple days ago... you'll see how tiny she is compared to her siblings and get a glimpse of her mother.  The best part is at the end!

There's a lot of prep work to do in the house between now and then.  Baby proofing is one thing, puppy proofing is a whole other ball of wax.  Only Dawson was my bad chewer from when my dogs were puppies.  And he's tiny.  I can't imagine what this girl will go through.  And we have nice wooden furniture. We may wrap all our furniture legs in towels for the next 6 months!  It's been a while since we've had a puppy and even longer since a large puppy (compared to our furbabies) so any advice is greatly appreciated.

I'm already researching puppy classes and reading puppy training books and the such.  Hope it pays off!

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  1. Awwww, she is such a sweetheart. I am so happy you found the perfect fur baby!!


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