Friday, July 4, 2014

4th Day Fun

When we were leaving to China, the original dress I got for Ashton's consulate day was too big.  We had to get a smaller dress.  Her dress ended up perfect for the day, but the original consulate dress got set aside.  And it came out today for her to wear.  She looked adorable!

We went to Carmel as they had lots of kid things going on.  Ashton was so excited.  She loved the train ride and bouncy houses.  She loved the animals.

I was particularly taken with the cutest calf!  It was smaller than Ashton!  If I could hold him all day, I would have.  Adorable!  Ashton just loved them all, even the turtle!

Of course she HAD to ride the ponies.  Though she called them horsies.  She loved it.  It was a long line to ride the pony, but well worth it.  She was so proud of herself.

We bought her this beautiful parasol from India.  I wanted to get her one when we were in China, but never saw any.  This one will do just fine!  It's gorgeous and I have some idea for it for future photos.

Before the fireworks, we had a little time to kill and took Ashton to the fountain.  She loved it.  She kept running up to it a squealing back.  She had a fit when she had to leave it.

We then went off to eat some dinner.  We decided since it was a beautiful day with NO humidity, that we would eat outside at McAlister's.  Well, Ashton was waiting for our food to arrive, she rocked out to Beyonce.  I love seeing her jam.

We then camped out our spot for the fireworks.  We didn't know how Ashton would react.  But she LOVED it.  She called them sparklies.  She would get excited and dance and ooh and aah and clap.  She wanted it to keep going on.  We're glad she had so much fun today!  What a great memory day and way to celebrate our independence!
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