Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Great Slide of China


Happy Father's Day!  This girl ADORES her daddy!  She wants to be wherever he is.

Today for Father's Day, my hubby wanted to take Ashton back to the Children's Museum.  And what a perfect time to go.  There was barely anyone there, not over crowded at all.

The first thing we had to do was go down the Great Slide of China!

We must have gone down the slide four times! She loved it.  At the very end she's ask to go again!

Of course she ran back to her favorite China dog.  Too bad we can take him and his pup home with us.  It'd look great greeting you right in our entryway.

But Ashton begged to get on the carousel.  Well, the last couple times she's been too scared to get on.  But this time she kept saying she wanted to ride the giraffe.

Beacuse she's a Daddy's girl, we thought she'd be braver with him.  So he took her to the giraffe.  She started fighting and said, "No, no, no, no."  and she wouldn't sit down.  But the moment the music started she plopped right down and had a blast!  She wanted to ride several more times!!

She wanted me to ride with her.  She would now and then hold the reigns and say "giddy up"!  It was darling!

She then braved up even more and wanted to ride the tiger with Daddy.  We were so impressed!

Then we went to another section and she has a blast in this leaf maze.  She got all the way to the top!  she has no problems scaling those wavy leaves up or down.  She thought it was awesome!

We had a great time at the Children's Museum.  I know we'll be going back again soon!  What a great Father's Day.
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