Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shout Out to Skylar and Dawson's Birthdays!

These cousins were born on the same day today.  It's hard believe they're seniors now.  In the last year, Dawson has become more of a big baby than ever; and Skylar has become more of a cuddle bug.

Dawson has greyed around his eyes quite a bit.   Perhaps Skylar has too, but as sh's blonde, it's hard to tell.  It's hard to watch them age.  But luckily they still have their same energy.  

Ashton is so good with all of them.  She loves to snuggle with them.  But as toddlers do, she now and then wants them to be a horse and tries to climb them for a ride.  But those a very few and far between!  Thank goodness.

Last night, Dawson got his lead stuck around my flowers and decapitated half of them.  I was so furious at him, though he didn't know he did anything wrong.  And it wasn't just the heads popped off, he took out about half of it, from the bottom stems.  They look so pathetic now.  But that's Dawson for you.  He is clueless and always breaks something or other.  

Skylar is just mellow and you've got to motivate her to move.  She's been in my lap more lately, and I'm loving it.  She's never been a lap dog.  

These are two silly dogs that have seen so much happen in my life and shared the ups and downs with me.  Happy birthday you two!
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