Thursday, June 5, 2014

Onto Tennessee

We decided to take our first family vacation together!  First destination was to go to Tennessee to see Aunt Charlene, who is Kay's sister.

Ashton doesn't travel well.  For all the wonderful she is... in a car, she is constricted and held down, the thing she hates most.  She becomes a screaming banshee.  I must say, looking forward the vacation also meant trepidation of the hours upon hours drive of her in the car screaming.

Luckily, though here were screaming fits, there were moments of calm.  And having her favorite Fox Feggan and her Kids Clips helped a lot.  We also got her an Innotab and downloaded a lot of short songs.  She doesn't like to watch TV, but sh'ell watch small songs.  And that was a life send!  So worth it!

Upon her arrival, we had a great home cooked meal and Ashton practiced her violin.  But in the end she was more interested in the hammock behind her.  And for the first time in her life she said, "I'm tired" so she could lay in the hammock.  She had a blast going in and out and falling in and out.  It was a trip.

Right before bed, she was promised a turn to drive the gator.   She had a blast.  She kept asking to go faster!  This girl!

We had a fun short time in Tennessee, but we had to get up early to head off to our next destination - North Carolina!

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