Monday, June 9, 2014

Off to the Cabbage Patch Plantation

We woke really early to get on the road from North Carolina to Georgia.  Ashton hates riding, but the Innotab saved the day!  

Here she is listening to "Happy" performed by Alex Boye and a children's choir.  She loves it!

Ashton was really excited.  Not about possibly getting a Cabbage Patch doll, but getting a Gotta Day doll.

We drove to Georgia and made a little detour before heading home.

We also got an email from CCAI (the agency we used for her adoption) asking for a photo of our child showing a sign saying "11,000" because on June 10th CCAI will reach 11,000 adoptions.  So, the night before my husband bought poster board and markers and made a sign.  We thought it's be great for her to hold it over her head at the Cabbage Patch plantation.

During the drive Ashton fell asleep right before we got there.  So I took a few pictures of the plantation then brought her in.  She smiled all prettily.

Now we handed her the sign and told her to hold it over her head like so.  This is what we got.

It didn't work so well, too heavy.  So we told her to hold the sign up in front of her.

As you can see, she kept just carrying it toward us.  So we decided to sit it next to her.  No matter how we prompted, we couldn't get her to smile.

Still cute though.  We then went inside the plantation.

There were babies galore!  We went through the different baby rooms.  I decided I'd let Ashton pick any doll she wanted - boy, girl, blonde, kid, baby... whatever.  

We even saw a baby girl be born.  When they asked for a first name a older guy named her Smirn!  then when asked for a middle name we had it named Ashton.  So if you see a Smirn Ashton out there...

She looked at dolls but seemed to gravitate to ones that looked like her.  I asked her is she wanted a kid or baby.  She said baby.  I brought one to her and she seemed to like her, then found one "Ashton size" which was a smaller sized doll.  And she kept calling her baby Ashton and pushing her in this pink stroller.  "Baby Ashton" was Hannah.  And we adopted baby Hannah.  Ashton really took to her.  And loved pushing her around and feeding her a bottle and giving her a pacifier and snuggling her in a blanket, which Ashton said was Hannah's Daisy (which is what Ashton calls her pillowcase/lovie).

So we asked for photos of the two.  And we got her usual stony face.

I begged for a smile and got this!

What can I say?  But our girl was happy with Hannah.  Truly!  We then visited Helen which was a few miles away.  Ashton loved the chocolate covered twinkie, the banana/chocolate ice cream, the horse carriage, and all the doggies being walked.  We even bought her a small 101 Dalmatians nesting doll.  She had a fun time.

It was very scenic and beautiful.  I wish we had more time there.  it would have been great to go tubing down the lazy river!  Maybe when Ashton gets older, though I'm sure we can find tubing closer to home (and not just at a water park).  But regardless, it was a cute town.  We'll have to see it again next time we pass through.

It was a long day and fun day!

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  1. So glad you got to visit Babyland General and Helen! They really are cute places to visit. Ashton looks so adorable at the "hospital"! So glad we got a chance to meet - finally!


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