Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Ponytail

Today Ashton wore her first ponytail.  And man, she rocks it!  So I tried to get her to pose. I tried to get ehr to do a head tilt so you could see her face and ponytail, but to no avail.  She was more interested with her toys or rocking in the rocking chair.  Oh well.  But still you can get the gist.

See the laundry basket in the background?  Well, Ashton loves going into our laundry room.  She'll shut herself in there in the dark and think it's hilarious.  She also loves to grab the baskets and sit in them or ask us to push her around in them.  So here it is in the middle of the room.  

I am a notorious shoe flopper.  I flop my shoes off anywhere in the house.  I'll wear them and then if I'm sitting, off they come and Ashton always loves to grab them and wear them, whether they be heels, sandals, whatever.  

Well, my shoes were off and after our "photo shoot" she made a bee line towards them.  And since I had my cell out, I decided to take video.  So I went to the laundry basket to video her.  And during the shoot, where it shakes, the basket collapsed.   I think I made a decent recovery!  Can you tell where?

I remember loving wearing my mother's shoes too.  I think it's every daughter's right of passage. :)
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