Friday, June 6, 2014

Chimney Rock

On our way to our destination, we stopped by Chimney Rock.  Mark and I went here on our first vacation together while dating.  Since it was a little out of the way, we thought it would be a great place to take Ashton.

We stepped into the gift shop first, and found a dream box with her name on it.  It's a wooden magnetic box with her name on it.  I was so excited to find something with her name on it.  It will e perfect to store her teeth for the Tooth Fairy when she gets older.  Ashton though spotted a turtle that she wanted.  There were a couple fox toys, but she wanted the turtle.  And to remember the day we let her have the turtle for the climb.  She named him Rex.  So Rex too the climb with us up to Chimney Rock.

Last time we went up, we took the elevator.  This time it was closed.  We had to climb, and with a toddler who wanted to go do it, all by herself!  And do it she did!  I was winded and sweating and she had energy to spare!  I'm telling ya, it's quite a hike up there!  Unfortunately, a lot our favorite spots are no longer open.

Here I'm taking a little break, and had to convince Ashton to stop.  She wanted to keep going without me.

We did make it the bottom of the falls.  Ashton hiked that too!  She loved hiking through the woods.  She was so awesome!  And she loved the falls.  I think we'll be taking her on more adventure trails in the future.

But this was only a stop to our final destination - to see Grammy and Grampy!  Which we did by 8:00 pm that night!  It was a long day!

For dinner, we stopped by Wendy's around 5ish and Ashton for the least couple days has started doing this funny face where she shakes too.  Her eyes get really big, she purses her lips together and she shivers.  We don't know if she's pretending to be cold, surprised, scared, or what.  We eventually call it her scary face - and she does it usually during when she's eating.  It's hilarious.  We caught a bit of it here.

Ashton also got to meet PJ's parents, her great grandparents!  GG and Great Granddaddy.

We definitely plan to go back to Ashville and see the Biltmore again which we didn't get to see this time around, as we were rushing to get to our final destination before her bedtime.  I think Ashton will love to come back and enjoy it more with more time to spend there.

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