Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Picnics

Today was a busy day.  We had Families with Children from China's Memorial Day Picnic.  Ashton loved the playground, there were tons of slides and swings to choose from.  She just kept on going.  She was running about and only stopped to eat and drink.  Every time we'd step away for a "parent" break, she would be sad asking to go back to the playground.

Most of the families have daughters in their tween years.  But Ashton had fun with them too for a bit.  she would want to be chased or watch them with the big bubble makers or play with their dogs. She had a blast, but it was mainly because of the playground, which we will have to go back very soon to.

Then it was off to the family picnic. Ashton was excited to see LauLau and Grandma.  She kept asking over and over on the drive there if they would be at the picnic.  She was excited to see them, however, the horses were a bigger surprise and eclipsed her excitement to see her family.

My Godmother was giving Ashton's cousin, Ms. E (who is 6 years old), a little ride.  Ashton was eager to do the same.  No fear.  And got right on.  She was thrilled.  She was really gentle and calm and rode Chance around a couple times.  She even got to pet him which thrilled her.  She is so good with animals.  I was so proud of her.  Of course the moment she got off, she asked to get back on!

We then drove to Grandma's house to say good bye and cool off a bit before the ride home.  It was a busy, long day.

Ashton of course is her usual step always ready to go and on the move.  

She said good-bye and then we had a fun bath time with lots of bubbles, per her request.  Naturally, when rocking her to bed, she asked if she would get to go back to the playground.  My girl!
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